2007 Best Product - VIVA! Breastfeeding Pillow - Summit Baby is proud to be an iParenting Media Award Winner

"After our first exciting year on the US market we are happy to be rewarded with such valuable recognition," tells Cornelia Tuoriniemi, president of Summit Baby, Inc. "This will be an exciting year: We will be expanding production capacity and will soon come out with novel products."

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If we converted the capacity to just breastfeeding pillows the output would be 20,000 pillows a week!

Summit, NJ (PRWEB) March 9, 2007

Summit Baby's Viva! Nursing pillow has been recognized by appreciated iParenting Media Award. iParenting Media's ISO 9001:2000 certified Award Program provides a credible and objective method of determining the best products in the children's and juvenile products industries. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the world's largest developer of standardization regulations and ISO 9001:2000 is an internationally recognized standard for quality assurance.

In objective selection process reviewers said the following about VIVA! Breastfeeding Pillows:

"I loved the back pillow! Using this product made me realize how poorly supported my back is when I nurse. I also really like the fact that the pillow is inflatable. It makes it feasible for travel, and easy to store at grandparents, babysitters, etc. It's great that you can wash the cover too! Other nursing pillows are really difficult to keep clean, and I've found that after prolonged use, they become downright distasteful." Praised reviewer #1/ iParenting Media Awards

"The 'VIVA! Breastfeeding Pillow' helps to support nursing moms. The pillow supports both your arms as well as your back. The outer covering could be removed and machine washed which is wonderful." Told reviewer #2/ iParenting Media Awards.

"The fact that it is easy to wipe-clean and washable are some of the most positive qualities of this item. Most importantly, it's the back support-- it's awesome! The fact that it can be deflated in order to pack for traveling is also a plus and the packaging/instructions were very good and easy to understand." Said reviewer #3/ iParenting Media Awards.

More great features of VIVA! Consumer & Professional Hospital Grade Pillows appear on the summitbaby.com web page.

Summit Baby, Inc. evolved from Dewellton LLC, a Finnish garment manufacturer, developing innovative and useful products for the juvenile market. The Tuoriniemi family owned Dewellton LLC has a strong presence in the Scandinavian market through its customers - multinational Scandinavian fashion houses including Marimekko Ltd.

Their Estonian sewing factory outputs 5,000 - 10,000 garments every week. "If we converted the capacity to just breastfeeding pillows the output would be 20,000 pillows a week!", visualizes Cornelia Tuoriniemi, president.

"In response to increased demand for sewing capacity we will be expanding floor space by 15,000 square feet before September. With this new expansion we will be able to provide sewing capacity for other juvenile product manufacturers as well.

Currently, our own juvenile product selection is expanding into new dimensions with previously nonexisting novelties, some to be released starting in spring 2007."




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Viva! Breast feeding Pillow Viva! Breast feeding Pillow

Viva! Breast feeding Pillow Transparent 450 wide

Cornelia Tuoriniemi Cornelia Tuoriniemi

Cornelia Tuoriniemi of Summit Baby Inc presenting light weight but sturdy engineered Viva! Breast Feeding Pillow

Viva! MediPro nursing Pillow Viva! MediPro nursing Pillow

Viva MediPro Professional breastfeeding Pillow meets European and US Hospital Standards