Capping A Pipe: Simple by-Pass Maintenance Reminder

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Mr Rooter's Tip Of The Day: No matter what the pipe material, cap it with a push-on fitting.

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With flexible line, cut the pipe and pull it to the side so the cap will push onto the pipe.

The basic thing to remember is: Capping off pipe, any style, serving any purpose is simply to isolate a section of plumbing from the rest of the house, a particular part of the outdoor water supply or the irrigation to your extended bulk planting area. A simple solution for segregation of isolated areas, so when the need to work on a plumbing issue presents itself, the entire household doesn’t have to do without water: sources of water will be available anywhere you haven’t placed a cap.

According to Bob Beall, Mr Rooter Plumbing Washington, “a situation was just addressed this past week in Mt. Pleasant Township, Washington County Pennsylvania, when a homeowner needed to provide water to the family over a two day period while technicians installed a water purification system and installed and connected new plumbing in a basement to accommodate the family with a second bathroom. The basement had undergone major transformation creating a Mother-in-law suite. “It was essential to the homeowner that the weekend project need not disrupt his family,” says Beall. Mr Rooter Plumbing offers free plumbing expertise daily through Mr Rooter’s Daily Tips available for instant download at the top right corner of Mr. Rooter Media.

“PEX and CPVC pipe may be flexible enough that you can just cut the pipe, pull it down or to the side and slip on the cap without having to cut out a section,” says Beall. According to the most referred plumber in the Northeast Ohio and Southwest Pennsylvania 24/7 emergency plumbing service area, with rigid pipe, Beall says to cut out a section to give enough working room. “With flexible line, cut the pipe and pull it to the side so the cap will push onto the pipe,” instructs Mr Rooter, believing that any homeowner should be given access to basic plumbing tips. “I offer expertise in an easy to follow step-by-step way, inspired by my grandfather and father,” says Beall.

Beall knows what it takes to maintain the industry’s leading role in customer service with over 300 franchises world-wide,Mr. Rooter Plumbing is the largest plumbing franchise in the world. Beall’s family owned and operated full service plumbing operation serves 2.9 million customers.

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Mr. Rooter’s Tip Of The Day

Tip #1 Copper will probably not be that flexible, requiring you to cut a section out to give some working room.

Tip #2 Using a push-on cap makes capping a line fast and easy, and when you want to bring the isolated section back in, just slip the cap back off the line.

BONUS TIP: No matter what the pipe material, cap it with a push-on fitting. Just remember to sand any sharp edges off the pipe.

PUSH-ON-VALVES: Like other push-on fittings, push-on valves are made to interface with any pip–copper, PEX, or CPVC. Procedures for installing them are the same as T-fittings. A push-on valve provides an additional advantage capping a line. When stopping the water beyond the valve, simply turn it off. Then the system doesn’t need to be depressurized when it’s time to back into it.

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