Net Masters Jomble Show Other Business Broadband Providers the Way

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Business broadband providers Jomble have unleashed a spectacular new net package aimed solely at business users: cutting up and download times in half and creating the country’s first truly business specific network.

Broadband For Business

Unlike most broadband for business packages, Jomble’s is held on a business-only network – a place on the Internet, in other words, that is out of bounds to residential traffic. That’s great news for speed, which of course is the essence in all business broadband packages. Companies want assurances that their vital operations won’t get held up at busy times of the day, when residential Net traffic floods the information superhighway and broadband speed devolves into a cybernetic imitation of rush hour on the M25. Jomble, who are rapidly making a name for themselves as the best business broadband provider in the UK, can deliver that absolutely because they don’t take on residential customers. They’re about business broadband supply only, which allows them to keep network clogging traffic to an absolute minimum.

In real terms, that means a better than 50% drop in the quantity of people using a part of the Jomble network at any one time (Jomble will allow a maximum of 20 business users to occupy any one part of their cabling , which gives them a mean average operating speed more than twice as good as their competitors). That’s a broadband for business model that really works – as evidenced by the steady rise in new subscriptions Jomble is reporting at the moment.

Modern business communication is based on instantaneousness, which can’t happen when the internet starts running too slowly to properly upload or download files. Jomble’s business broadband package doesn’t fall into that trap, for the reasons outlined above: that means that Jomble’s customers are far less likely to aggravate clients or other businesses by failing to provide files and information in good time. And that means that Jomble’s customer base is growing rapidly, making the new Net wizards heir apparent to the best business broadband throne.

It’s a success story that says as much about the failings of Jomble’s competitors as it does about the successes of Jomble itself. Where everyone else is going wrong, is in trying to be jack of all trades and master of none – or, to use a less hackneyed expression, everyone else, trying to keep as many fingers as they can in as many pies as possible, is devaluing their services through greed. Trying to sandwich business customers and residential users into the same set of lines is nothing less than that – greed, wanting to take as much of as many market shares as possible. That used to work, until Jomble came along. Now, customers are realising that the best business broadband packages come from companies that don’t let residential users anywhere near their networks. Every communications company has the technology to split out business users – they just won’t do it because that would involve spending more money. Jomble has gone the other way, ignoring the lucrative residential market to give a superb broadband for business service. The results are clean, quick and gaining subscribers every day.


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