Avonline Comes to the Rescue of Customer Who is Quoted £150,000 for BT Broadband Connection

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When Beverley McCartney received a letter from BT quoting her a cost of just over £150,000 to give her a broadband connection she thought it was a joke. When Avonline read about her situation they contacted her see if they could help and a week later she was installed with their 3.6Mbps Satellite Broadband service.

Avonline Tooway Broadband 3.6Mbps service anywhere in the UK from £1 per day

I phoned BT and said surely this is a typing error and the girl said 'No, there's been no mistake, other people have had bills for much more.

Beverley McCartney, of Salem, near Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, had wanted a broadband connection for years and BT had previously told her it was not able to connect broadband. However, a few weeks ago it sent her a letter saying it could but at a cost - it would contribute £8,000 to those costs but only if she paid the remaining £129,613.54 plus VAT.

Mrs McCartney said: "I phoned BT and said surely this is a typing error and the girl said 'No, there's been no mistake, other people have had bills for much more.”

After hearing about Mrs McCartney’s plight, Avonline contacted her to tell her about their service. Avonline plc is one of the UK’s leading satellite broadband providers, delivering cost effective, high speed and reliable broadband to the remotest of locations across the UK. Avonline’s best selling satellite broadband product, Tooway, boasts a market leading 3.6Mbps download speed has already been attracting a significant number of new customers since its launch in July 2009. One week later Mrs McCartney was installed and is delighted with her new broadband service.

She said: “Following several years of unsuccessfully trying to get broadband from BT, Avonline offered to solve my broadband problems.”

She continued: “I now have a fast and efficient broadband connection.”

Avonline's satellite broadband installation consists of an external satellite dish and a modem connected to the PC, giving customers immediate broadband access following a simple installation. Over 1 million customers already get their broadband via satellite technology.

Tooway's plug and play connectivity, along with its fast download and upload speeds, make the service ideal for the consumer market, especially remote rural areas where either dial-up or unreliable/slow ADSL is the only option. There are 4 packages available, all providing the same download and upload speeds but with varying levels of data usage. In addition, the Avonline Tooway service has the ability to deliver voice over satellite telephony services (VoIP) and now has the added value option of receiving Freesat High Definition digital television services from the same satellite dish.

Mrs McCartney has found that Avonline’s Tooway satellite broadband service is ideal for someone like her in a rural location, she said: “For those who want a fast and reliable broadband connection, but are unable to have one through the usual route, I would recommend they investigate the possibility of a satellite connection.”

She added “It has given me access to the professional journals and resource materials that I need as a teacher.”

This week Avonline launched a limited period special offer aimed at helping customers more easily afford the initial upfront payment for hardware and installation. Customers can now pay just £299 to purchase the hardware and have it installed, followed by a monthly service from £49.99.

About Avonline Plc
Avonline plc is one of the UK's leading Installation and Business Services companies. Established in 1981, with around 500 engineers providing broadband and digital services to customers around Europe, Avonline has a specialist division deploying broadband satellite solutions to provide a high speed networks supporting VPN, VoIP, video and broadband data. Avonline supports the Government’s Digital Inclusion philosophy and the Race Online 2012 initiative of which they are a partner.

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