Budget Mold Removal Offers Tips for Preventing Mold Growth

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Budget Mold Removal recommends homeowners to use mold-prevention practices that will help keep their houses mold-free during the hot and humid summer months.

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"The number one piece of advice we give to our customers is to keep things dry."

The abnormally warm temperatures in March is a good indicator that this summer will be one for the records. Humidity and warmth combined create thriving conditions for mold growth, and Budget Mold Removal suggests a few ways to stop it.

“The number one piece of advice we give to our customers is to keep things dry, because where there’s no moisture, there’s no mold,” said Robert Bollinger, the owner of Budget Mold Removal, Maryland mold remediation provider.

He went on to explain that it is necessary to dry all wet items, such as pool towels, swim suits, things that got wet in the rain, etc., because if left wet, mold spores will begin growing within two days. The same rule applies to any basement leaks: they have to be stopped promptly in order to avoid mold growth.

“If the water damage is extensive, bulky wet items, such as carpets, drywall, or large furniture, may need to be discarded. Those items in particular will trap moisture and will often require the assistance of a professional speed drying service,” added Bollinger.

The second tip is to clean and disinfect often. This mainly applies to sinks, bathtubs, showers, tile grout lines on floors, walls, or tables, and other areas that frequently get wet. Cleaning will remove mold spores that might have landed, and disinfecting will kill any existing growth.
Regular vacuuming and dusting should also help eliminate some of the mold spores in the air. It will not solve the problem (if there is an existing leak or condensation issue), but it should help minimize the spore count.

“Most of our mold removal customers in Maryland had problems with mold growth in poorly ventilated areas, such as basement, attics, crawl spaces, and even bathrooms,” shared Bollinger, “that’s why it’s important to keep the air constantly flowing through the house.”
Moving air will aid in moisture evaporation by creating conditions unsuitable for successful mold growth. Running an exhaust fan in the bathroom is particularly important, as bathrooms often don’t have windows and access to fresh air.

Drying, sanitizing and ventilating can often be enough to prevent mold from feeling welcome in the house, but if there is an existing mold problem, it has to be addressed in order to achieve best results.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), mold-infected areas smaller than 10 square feet can be managed by homeowners without any outside help. However, if the contaminated area is extensive and/or involves HVAC system, EPA recommends hiring an experienced contractor.

Licensed by Aerosol Monitoring and Analysis Inc., Budget Mold Removal is authorized to perform mold removal and mold inspection in Maryland. “We have established an effective mold remediation procedure that involves testing, identifying causes, selecting appropriate treatment, and performing a thorough clean-up,” said Bollinger.

He also added that with more than 55 years of practice, Budget Mold Removal has helped many homeowners free their attics, basements and crawl spaces from unwanted leaks and mold. “As the seasonal allergies kick in,” he pointed out, “make sure you can enjoy quality air and quality life in your own home.”

About Budget Mold Removal:

Baltimore mold removal and basement waterproofing company, Budget Mold Removal has more than 55 years of experience serving commercial and residential customers throughout Maryland. Budget Mold Removal is a member of Better Business Bureau of Maryland, Angie’s List and Maryland Home Improvement Commission. For more information, please visit our website at budgetmoldremoval.com.

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