Obama's 'Buffett Tax' and 'American Jobs Act' Killing the American Dream? Not According to Sales of America's Next Best Selling Entrepreneurial Book

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Americans are not sitting idly by waiting as Washington argues over details of Obama’s Buffett Tax or the American Jobs Act. Aspiring entrepreneurial Americans are turning to business startup expert Rich Christiansen by the thousands to learn his common sense approach for creating value from limited resources.

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Zig Zag Principle Offers Hope for Millions of Small Businesses

You have entrepreneurs, managers, executives and politicians who are following this pattern of failure where they just blindly charge towards their goals. That’s not how it should be.

If book sales are any indication, there is a bit of spark left in the American dream. Entrepreneurial expert entrepreneur Rich Christiansen’s new business book The Zig Zag Principle has pre-sold more than 7,500 copies, three weeks before the book is set to launch. (The Zig Zag Principle is available for pre-order here.)

“We’re tremendously proud of the progress we have made, especially with so much time before the book launches,” Christiansen said. “This book is the best I have to offer. It will help entrepreneurs successfully build better businesses.”

Christiansen and publisher McGraw-Hill expect the book to do even better building up towards the launch on October 4. Members of the media and bloggers are asked to request a complimentary advance copy of the book through The Zig Zag Principle site.

“People need what’s in this book,” Christiansen said. “You have entrepreneurs, managers, executives and politicians who are following this pattern of failure where they just blindly charge towards their goals. That’s not how it should be.”

Much of what is in The Zig Zag Principle is actually found in nature and normal behaviors. But Christiansen takes widely understood concepts and fleshes them out into an easy-to-follow strategy.

“[The Zig Zag Principle teaches] rock-solid principles so simple that you will read this book wondering how you could have missed seeing truths that are so obvious,” said Stephen R. Covey, author of the New York Times bestseller, 7 Habits of Highly-Effective People.
Though the book targets entrepreneurs specifically, it provides a unique take on strategy and goal setting that anyone can use.

“One of my favorite things about The Zig Zag Principle is how universal it principles are,” said David McInnis, founder of PRWeb and founder and CEO of Cranberry LLC, Venture Partners. “For example we have politicians that are so hyper focused on their ideologies that they lose the ability to zig zag and solve problems. It is unlikely that the Buffett Tax or American Jobs Act will have any impact unless a zig zag approach is adopted by Washington.”

The Zig Zag Principle contains more than just Christiansen’s goal-setting strategy. It is filled with stories from his life as he transitioned from a corporate executive to novice entrepreneur to self-employed pro.

“I know what it’s like to succeed, but more importantly, I know what it’s like to fail and how to keep a business failure from destroying me,” Christiansen said. “My first five or six businesses all failed miserably. Then I used to start three businesses at a time because he knew one would fail, one would be mildly successful and one would be a multimillion dollar success. But ever since I began implementing the Zig Zag Principle, four out of every five businesses I’ve started have become incredible successes.”

Christiansen is also building an online community centered on The Zig Zag Principle. Anyone interested can join at http://www.zigzagprinciple.com/ for snippets of the book, blog posts from Christiansen, success stories and support in building a new business. As an expert in zig zagging, Christiansen wants to help others through the online community with his vast experience.

“I’m writing this book to make a difference,” Christiansen said. “Right now, the economy is in the toilet, and entrepreneurs and small businesses are among the hardest hit. Some people are taking any job they can find, but I believe it’s more important for them to have a career they love. That’s why I became an entrepreneur: to have a life I loved. I’m thrilled so many people have preordered the book, and I hope it helps them find their dream jobs.

More information on Rich Christiansen, The Zig Zag Principle and how to preorder is available at http://www.zigzagprinciple.com

About Rich Christiansen
Rich Christiansen describes himself as “a perfectly good technology executive turned entrepreneur.” He is the CEO of The Storm Group has founded or co-founded more than 32 businesses, each with less than $10,000. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Rich was known for his successes at Mitsubishi Electric, About.com and Novell. He is the author of The Zig Zag Principle (2011) and co-author and publisher of Bootstrap Business: A Step-by-Step Business Survival Guide (2009). Rich currently resides with his wife and five sons in Spanish Fork, Utah.


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