Tips Cap to Rare Taps Buglers on Memorial Day

Share Article funeral and financial advice column acknowledges the rare breed of trained military Taps buglers on Memorial Day, and offers advice to readers who desire a live performance of the respectful final salute tune at a funeral or burial service funeral and financial advice column today released their gratitude to the dwindling members of the military who are trained in Taps, who continue to provide the hallowed final salute to fallen American servicemen and women. acknowledges that Taps buglers are on the decline, and gives advice to its readers about how to arrange for a live rendition at a service of a fallen military member.

Jaweed Kaleem of the Huffington Post reported on May 27th, 2013 that Taps has been played at the burial services of fallen military members since the Civil War. Kaleem writes that trained military band members who are versed in performing the melody are becoming an increasingly rare breed. Kaleem reports that routinely, CD’s or digital bugles are taking the place of the live version due to the short supply of buglers. feels deeply grateful to those military band members who have been selflessly providing the final farewells to their fallen comrades for years, and wishes to thank them on Memorial Day.’s Senior staff writer is quoted as saying, “I have no doubt that anybody who has ever heard a live version of the 24-note, 50 second long Taps will never, ever forget it. Perhaps it was at Arlington Cemetery, where they play Taps year-round, or perhaps it was at a more private burial service, for a dear friend or family member. I’ll never forget the first time I heard it, at my great-uncle’s burial service. I’ll never forget feeling the pride as those haunting notes lingered in the air. The live Taps together with the American flag draped across the casket offering my uncle his final farewell salute. It’s a very powerful thing, hearing Taps, and offering it as a final salute to somebody who gave so much—or everything, to our country. It being Memorial Day, we wanted to give recognition and deep gratitude to the buglers who continue to play Taps around the country for fallen military members. It is truly a sacred and hallowed task.”

Kaleem quotes the director of Veterans Affairs for the Maryland National Guard Honor Guard, Jari Villaneuva, in the above article as stating, “At the turn of the century there were thousands of performance buglers in the military and even organizations like the American Legion, Boy Scouts and Veterans of Foreign Wars training boys and men to bugle as a hobby. But these days, young boy buglers are all but gone, and one of the first things to go with any cuts in the military are things like bands, where the buglers come from.” Villanueva, a music historian, served for 23 years in the U.S. Air Force Band. offers advice to readers for how to seek out a live bugler for the burial service of a military friend or family member.’s Senior staff writer is quoted as saying, “I can certainly understand wanting to have a live bugler, not a CD or some pre-recorded electric bugle, at the service of a loved military friend or family member. Being that buglers are a dwindling class in our nation these days, it can be difficult to arrange. And funeral insurance unfortunately has nothing to do with finding a military bugler, that part is up to the family of the deceased. The website is devoted to helping people find a bugler to play Taps in their area, be it for a ceremony, service, or other special event. I would recommend visiting this site, as the people who run it strongly believe in the value and importance of sending off a fallen member of the military with one last Taps.”

According to the above-mentioned Huffington Post article, the Arlington National Cemetery plans to release a documentary detailing the decline in Taps buglers in the nation on Monday, May 27th for Memorial Day.

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