Business Day TV Announces Air Dates for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The provocative TV show Business Day airs in the “Iron City” in January and throughout the year.

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Pittsburgh is a city known for world-class education, science and technology. We are proud to broadcast there.

Coral Springs, FL (PRWEB) January 24, 2013

Business Day TV is pleased to announce air dates for the city of Pittsburgh, PA in January, and throughout the year. The “Iron City” is one of America’s greatest renewal stories. Once, a smoky, gritty city of steel and iron mills is now one of sparkling skyscrapers, internationally known universities and interconnecting bridges to warm and welcoming neighborhoods. The city regularly ranks on most “Best Cities in the US” lists due to its affordability and many opportunities for people of all ages. Residents and visitors can watch the compelling program on PCNC – Pittsburgh Cable News Network.

Pittsburgh is located in western Pennsylvania. It is tucked in forested hills and is centered where the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers form the Ohio River. It boasts 700 bridges connecting ethic neighborhoods to the city and has over 70 miles of exuberant urban riverfront. The city is always alive with activities from its many festivals, national sports league teams and national and international touring companies in all forms of the arts. It is also a city well-known for science and technology, with top-rated universities catering to the best and brightest students in the country. Once called Iron City, it is now known as “Knowledge City”.

Business Day is a cable television show which features successful and unique businesses in the US and Canada. It is hosted by former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw, whose skill and leadership earned an induction into the Pro Ball Hall of Fame. He retried from the game in 1984 and has worked in sports broadcasting continuously as a commentator and analyst. Currently, he is one of the co-hosts of a national television network’s pregame show, an author and favorite on the motivational speaking circuit.

The informative program covers topics in the technology, finance and other fields, as well as sharing first-hand insights from business owners, entrepreneurs and experts in a variety of industries. Business Day TV is broadcast on many national and regional cable television networks throughout North America. Learn more about the show and its host on its Facebook page.


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