Pioneering Lucrative Real Estate Innovation in a Challenging Market Economy --World Transactions Group, Inc. (

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With year-end at hand, World Transactions Group, Inc., through its new and advanced single and bulk REO transaction platform,, offers investors a stellar alternative for meaningful and profitable real estate investments. This advanced, intelligent, online platform allows investors to view properties, analyze them and build their own bulk REO portfolios, while naming their own price for an instant submission for seller consideration. The company has also recently teamed up with a major Wall Street investment bank to provide lending for investors seeking funds for such investments as bulk REO acquisition. Loans of up to $250M per request are made available. is for the real estate industry what Google is for the Internet...

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Pioneering Lucrative Real Estate Innovation in a Challenging Market Economy, A case of Ingenuity
--World Transactions Group, Inc. (

In a real estate marketplace that seems to be in a bottomless downward spiral, one might only imagine nothing but gloom and despair for the industry and the economy as a whole.

Historically, a few great companies rise from the ashes of an economic downturn like the current recession. One common trend with such great, emergent establishments is innovation. In the past 12 months since the burst of the real estate bubble, we have been tracking one company's stride towards creating opportunities in these challenging times.

The Wall Street Journal in a November 26th, 2008 editorial by Rhonda L. Rundle mentioned a recent cutting-edge real estate transaction tool,, created by World Transactions Group, Inc., the subject company of this article.

In her article, Rundle states that, sells portfolios assembled by the sellers, rather than the buyers. In what seemed like an answer to this deficiency, coupled with its clients' demands, World Transactions Group, Inc. launched its latest patent-pending, platform,, a hybrid real estate transaction platform, which serves as a single REO sales tool and at the same time, a bulk REO buy-sell marketplace.

Till date, is the first and only of its kind in the marketplace. At no cost, banks and asset management companies are able to upload any number of their REO inventories in a click of a button. These properties are instantly made available to prospective buyers and investors online.

The intuitive and intelligent design of enables the system to automatically search public records for each property, and then insert vital property data like number of rooms, bathrooms, living space, pictures, where available, and recent sales comparables. Asset managers and sellers are marveling over because of its ease of use and the high productivity that it offers.

The company combines the power of the Internet marketing media, radio and tv commercials to make its case for recognition among buyers and the investment community at large. The system is also impressively backed by a nationwide team of real estate professionals. One of the tv spots can be viewed by following this link:

For the bulk REO investor community, this is especially a great advancement because unlike all other websites that offer bank-owned properties, actually allows investors to build their own discounted bulk REO portfolios from any combination of listed properties.

Investors are given the opportunity to view all pertinent information including property addresses. This allows them to make an informed decision prior to making an offer on their self-assembled bulk REO portfolio. Once the investor is satisfied with the selected properties, the investor places the offer on the system for instant, direct delivery to the decision making personnel at the selling institution.

Based on the magnitude of interest generated by the new REO online marketplace, Mr. Raymond Brown, the company's Chief Executive Officer, projects that most major banking institutions, asset management companies, and government agencies like Fannie and Freddie will turn to as their solution of choice, for a faster sale and automated management of their REO inventories. We have no doubt about this assertion, judging from the pace-setting records of this firm.

Furthermore, Mr. Brown was quoted as saying, " is for the real estate industry what Google is for the Internet..." is now accepting REO inventory from qualified sellers.


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