The Secret to Faster Business Process Improvement Tip Sheet Published by Calgary Certified Management Consultant

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Every company wants to increase margins and cut waste. But few ever get the results they want - or progress is painfully slow. What's the problem? Calgary management consultant Jeff Pallister, who has helped over 300 companies rapidly improve their business processes, posts answers and tips.

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Many Calgary business leaders think that seeing real change from business process improvement takes years. That's not so anymore. And that's good news for everyone - business owners, investors, managers, and employees.

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"Every company wants to increase margins. Every company wants to cut waste. And most don’t get the results they want. How does this happen? " writes Calgary management consultant Jeff Pallister in a tip sheet post at his company's website. In "The Secret to Faster Business Process Improvement" and other tip sheets to follow, Pallister shows business decision makers what many companies do wrong, how they could be tapping into a storehouse of great ideas, and how to turn those ideas into breakthrough performance – meaning big improvements in cost structure and productivity using existing resources.

"Some companies try to improve bottom line results by selling more to existing customers and finding new customers," Pallister writes. "That’s good, but it will only give you more of what you already have. You won’t see breakthrough performance. Other companies will try to boost margins by cutting: chopping budgets, laying off staff and delaying capital projects. That could actually hurt performance if all other aspects of the business stay the same."

Addressing how work gets done
For true breakthrough performance, he says, businesses need a profit improvement plan that makes major changes in the way work gets done. And that’s where too many owners and managers shrug their shoulders and give up. They assume that it will take a lot of time and money to bring in an industry expert to study the company, buy new equipment and software, design new processes and retrain the staff – assuming that the staff will cooperate. And who can afford to divert all those resources?

"The truth is, you don’t have to invest a lot," Pallister says. "You have all the tools, all the ideas you need to achieve breakthrough performance right now, inside your company."

Tip sheet contents include:

  • Defining breakthrough performance
  • More or less of the same?
  • Inside job
  • Sharpening the saw
  • Hidden waste
  • Lead times that are too long
  • Inconsistent processes
  • Not focusing on customer value
  • Turning the key
  • Additional resources

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About the tip sheet author
Jeff Pallister, CMC, is the author of the business management book "Chain Reaction", and has helped hundreds of companies since 1974. Certified by the Institute of Management Consultants and the National Quality Institute, he specializes in the strategic and operational management of manufacturing firms and technology companies. He focuses on achieving high impact performance improvement. His expertise includes preparation and implementation of strategic and operational plans, market assessments for new products, improvement of business operations, and the application of ISO 9000 and Excellence quality systems.

Pallister has served the Government of Canada as a senior manager with the Ministry of State for Science and Technology. He was appointed by the Government of Alberta as the Public Member of the Board of the Canadian Information processing Society, Alberta (CIPS) and is also a past Director of the Canadian Advanced Technology Association (CATA); and Director and Past President of the Calgary Council for Advanced Technology (CCAT). He is past Division Governor of Toastmasters International. Jeff received his education from several institutions including Columbia University Graduate School of Business New York, University of Calgary, Simon Fraser University, and The Banff School of Advanced Management.

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