How Can One Document Save Your Business? Upstart Business Consulting Group Explains

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Many new entrepreneurs do not know where to start when it comes to writing a business plan. Upstart Business Consulting Group can help. In addition to providing comprehensive business plans that can be purchased through retail outlets, Upstart Business Consulting Group has unveiled a new e-book option allowing customers to purchase and download e-books directly from their website.

Upstart Business Consulting Group - Business Plans

Upstart Business Consulting Group

This book, and the series that it is a part of, is an excellent and practical guide for individuals seeking to learn more about business start-up in general and particular areas of opportunity.

Upstart Business Consulting Group provides comprehensive Business Plan books that help individuals start a profitable company with an initial capital requirement of $10,000 or less. Each business plan is researched and written by successful entrepreneurs for products and services across a broad range of industries. In addition to paperback books, Upstart Business Consulting Group has launched e-book PDF's through their website.

“New entrepreneurs may not have the necessary knowledge or experience that is required when developing a business plan,” says Tim Roncevich, the co-founder and award-winning business plan writer. “We saw an opportunity to help other entrepreneurs start a small business. After all, small businesses are the foundation of the American economy.”

Working with successful entrepreneurs in their specific industry, Upstart Business Consulting Group has unveiled business plans in the following industries:

  •     Business Services
  •     Arts & Crafts
  •     Children
  •     Education & Instruction
  •     Entertainment & Events
  •     Food
  •     Healthcare & Medical
  •     Home Products & Services
  •     Maintenance
  •     Manufacturing
  •     Pet
  •     Plants & Agriculture
  •     Real Estate
  •     Retail Businesses
  •     Security
  •     Travel & Recreation

In addition to selling business plan books, Upstart Business Consulting Group also provides free business templates. Perhaps the greatest resource this business plan kit provides is the ability for customers to e-mail questions to professional business consultants and entrepreneurs from Upstart Business Consulting Group. Whatever the question may be, customers will find a competent resource available to help.

Also, Upstart Business Consulting Group offers a free e-newsletter that is full of useful information for budding entrepreneurs and includes financial, legal, marketing, and business plan writing tips. Additionally, new business plan books and discounts will be announced through the newsletter.

“This book, and the series that it is a part of, is an excellent and practical guide for individuals seeking to learn more about business start-up in general and particular areas of opportunity,” says P.K. Shukla, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor for Entrepreneurship at Chapman University. “The tips offered in the financial planning review section are very valuable for readers to act upon.”

Steven Primm, CPA and co-founder of Upstart Business Consulting Group, was instrumental in developing the financial planning section of the business plan. Most small business consultants and lenders consider the financial projections of a business plan the most important section when determining whether a business is viable or not. Instead of spending hundreds of hours developing and researching a business idea, pickup one of our small biz books to help save time and money getting from initial idea to opening up shop.

As entrepreneurship continues to gain in popularity, the business plans from Upstart Business Consulting Group fill the gap between the entrepreneur’s initial idea and actual start-up. A very popular type of business to open now is a mobile business. Business plans continue to be vital to all businesses, not only as a necessity to obtain financing, but also as a roadmap for future courses of action. In fact, a business is more likely to fail in the first year if the entrepreneur did not write a business plan. It does not matter if an entrepreneur is a recent college graduate, a employee trying to make ends meet and save for retirement, a burned out mid-level manager trying to climb the corporate ladder, or a retiring baby boomer, there is no better time than now to become an entrepreneur.

Upstart Business Consulting Group provides much more than a generic business plan. They provide detailed business plan kits, including helpful information from initial start-up to daily operations, for many businesses in various industries. Additionally, Upstart Business Consulting Group offers various small business services including website design, marketing and advertising consulting, bookkeeping, SEO, and much more.

About Upstart Business Consulting Group
Upstart Business Consulting Group was founded by graduates from one of the top ranked business schools for entrepreneurship in the United States. Upstart Business Consulting Group was founded with one goal in mind; bring entrepreneurship to everyone. The management team has over three decades of combined experience with two of the largest consulting firms in the world. With consulting experience including mergers and acquisitions, financial analysis, business process improvement, and information technology, you can take advantage of their experience when starting your own business.

Upstart Business Consulting Group currently has over 155 different business plan books published and selling on their website,,, and other retail outlets. Please visit for more information.


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