How to Increase Your Twitter Followers with the Industry's New Insider Tool Now Available for All

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A service used by large social media marketers to increase their clients' Twitter followers is now available to the general public.

Lady Gaga may be able to gain 6 million followers , but what if you’re not a world-famous celebrity? Twitterdose, used by many marketing insiders, may provide you with the answer.

When it comes to Twitter, size really does matter. With a large twitter follower network, your tweet is a booming message to the world; without, it’s just a whisper in an empty room. Twitterdose—a follower-increasing tool specially developed for major marketing companies—is now offering its services to the general public, giving everyone the opportunity to tweet to the world and most importantly, gain targeted twitter followers.

With well over 6 million followers, Lady Gaga is the world’s most-followed tweeter ( That’s 6 million fans who keep up-to-date with her news, album releases, and tour dates; 6 million people who get an insight into her personality and everyday life. The power of social media marketing is obvious. It increases awareness of your brand; it creates tremendous loyalty; and it reaches huge numbers of people ... if they follow you. And this is the key point. Lady Gaga may be able to gain 6 million followers in the blink of an eye, but what if you’re not a world-famous celebrity? How does the average person or company get their message out to the masses?, used by many marketing insiders, may provide you with the answer. Twitterdose has been the industry's leading tool to gain followers because it offers the fastest results and great return on your investment.

The first hurdle the average person meets when trying to boost their followers is Twitter’s ever-changing rules, intended to combat spamming. Unfortunately, these same rules also make it hard for legitimate businesses and individuals who want to enhance their market penetration and gain followers. Twitterdose was specifically designed to increase a tweeter’s follower network using only permitted activities; clients never have to worry about account suspensions or being mistaken for a spammer.

Twitterdose also helps its clients avoid another Twitter pitfall: the bad following/follower ratio (where the number of followers is outweighed by the number of people being followed). A bad ratio discourages people from following you, creates suspicions of spamming, and undermines your integrity and credibility. Again, Twitterdose protects your reputation by guaranteeing a constant positive ratio, and it will strive to keep that ratio as high as possible. In addition, it gives the user great search visibility on all major search engines which take in consideration your follower count, ratio, amongst other factors.

Twitterdose clients can chose an upgraded package that nets them followers who are interested in their specific area of business—a feature that sets it clearly apart from similar services. Clients submit keywords related to their business; Twitterdose matches the keywords with other users’ profiles and targets those particular people. It also unfollows low-quality and spam accounts, giving you a follower network that is genuinely interested in your brand, and is therefore much more likely to result in sales.

The equation is simple: Gain more (targeted) followers + better ratio = better reputation + better visibility + greater traffic = more sales.

Through Twitterdose, the public has access to the same follower-increasing system used by many marketing professionals. By quickly locating relevant, targeted followers without risk of account suspension, and without creating a bad following/follower ratio, Twitterdose looks set to become a must-have tool for social media campaigners.

Twitterdose a div. of TDA Enterprises, a leader in social marketing and corporate branding based in Montreal, Canada, has been developing innovative software tools for more than four years. Twitterdose has been available since 2009 and is now open to the public. It has helped celebrities, politicians, big businesses, business owners, marketers, artists, charities and athletes worldwide to increase their Twitter followers and gain influence on search engines result pages. Twitterdose was created to assist medium to large marketing firms with social media campaigns and is available to anyone who wishes to increase their follower network. Click here to get more information on how to gain twitter followers with


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