Backlinks the Key to Maximizing Your Search Engine Placement

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Your backlinks, and how to build them is the key to your search engine ranking. Seo Mso is informing the public on their awesome backlink strategies!

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Search engines like Google are increasingly looking to backlinks as a way to rank a website.

In short, the more backlinks a website has, the higher Google is going to rank that page in its algorithm.

“Google looks at a backlink as a vote. The more votes, backlinks, a website has, the higher it’s going to be in the rankings. It’s a pretty democratic way of deciding who is going to be on top and who won’t,” said Matthew Farrell, CEO of SEO Marketing Services Online,

Backlinks are also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks and inward links.

Mr. Farrell’s company has been building backlinks for businesses since 1998. Unlike overseas companies that promise big results, SEO Marketing Services Online has the reputation of being able to deliver.

“Unlike some companies, I know what we do works. I can prove it too,” he said.


“A lot of people ask why they need a monthly membership. The reason is the Internet is always changing. New websites go up, old ones come down. Backlinks are also not good forever,” he said. “They can get buried and stale. You need to keep your presence fresh and current.”

SEO Marketing Services Online also offers original backlinks to every customer. Each day the company harvests new lists to make sure that there are no duplications.

“This is important. You need to be unique. If your backlink is buried among tons of others, then it will not be as effective. Recent changes to the Google algorithm also mean such stacked and buried backlinks can work against the ranking,” Mr. Farrell said.

Increasingly, search engines are also looking at how backlinks are structured. Poorly designed backlinks also are counting against the ranking.

“You need someone who can deliver quality as much as they can deliver quantity,” Mr. Farrell said. “A group of quality backlinks is going to be worth more than the same number of junk backlinks.”


He’s offering a seven-day no-risk trial of the backlink service. If it works for your business, and Mr. Farrell is confident it will, you can then sign up for a monthly membership to continue the service.

The company offers a series of backlink services are different prices. Each program offers at least one extremely high value .edu backlink.

“The Education domain, .edu, is extremely valuable for backlink purposes. It ranks high because backlinks at colleges and universities and other schools have a prestige other sites do not,” Mr. Farrell said.

Prices range from a basic 1,000 backlinks and 2 .edu backlinks for $19 to the premium exclusive offer of 40,000 high PR backlinks, 10,000 bonus links and 500 .edu backlinks for $999. The most popular is a $39 option with 3,000 backlinks and 2 .edu backlinks and a $199 for 5,000 diverse PR backlinks, 5,000 niche targeted backlinks and 5 .edu backlinks with 2 linkwheels.

“We have structured our services and programs to meet most any company’s budget needs. We’re not out to break the bank or take money away from critical needs. We’re here to help build your business and drive more customers to your website,” Mr. Farrell said.


In addition to the services offered for a price, Mr. Farrell’s company has a backlinks blog in which he and other writers share SEO and backlink tips.

In the Sept. 3 post about seo fakes, they had this to say: “First off there are a lot of fake companies out there that claim to have an effective SEO structure and strategy to get any business website to page one of Google and even guarantee it. There is no link building company that can claim to get your website on the first position on the very first page of Google for your specific keywords.”

The blog is designed to both complement what SEO Marketing does and help people interested in trying their hand and doing their own backlink work.

“We’re all about growing your business for you. If we can help you do that, then we’ve succeeded,” Mr. Farrell said. “Backlinking and doing it right and effectively takes a lot of time. But if you want to try, we’ll share advice with you. If you decide it’s taking too much time away from your business, then we’ll be here to handle that for you.”


In addition to comments on the blog, SEO Marketing has video testimonials form a number of customers. Hear in their own words what SEO Marketing and the backlink service has done for their business.

“Our customers are our greatest asset and our greatest advertiser. They have seen what we do will work. They keep coming back because they have found serious and significant value in our ability to build backlinks,” Mr. Farrell said. “Many of them wonder why we’re able to do it so cheaply, but they don’t complain about the low rates!”

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