Emerging Music Label Releases Song and Video Featuring First-Ever Singer/Songwriter Cartoon on the Web

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Cartoon character Betty McBethal and her canine sidekick Bongodog vent their frustration with the music industry in "Mad," a pop track that showcases the plight of the unsuccessful musician and the cynical nature of today's music industry structure.

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Startup record label C-tracks Records has released a video and single for "Mad", featuring the first-ever singer/songwriter cartoon on the web, Betty McBethal and her sidekick Bongodog.

Together, Betty and Bongo follow the trajectory of typical starving artists desperate to find success who yet encounter mostly rejection and failure in the form of grumpy music industry executives and empty coffeehouses.

In a world of MySpace and YouTube launching careers overnight, and "American Idol" manufacturing pop stars annually, the path to stardom can seem incredibly short. But for most it is a long, arduous road on which few find the success they initially seek - and it is this less-than-glamorous life that Betty and Bongo lead. Watch video by clicking here and press to view it on 'Watch on High Quality'.

Video Details:
In the "Mad" video, which was created by Seattle-based animation studio Bongo Dog designs, Betty and Bongo set out by shopping their demo in the office of Mr. Big Wig, a cranky record exec at "Sunny BnG" who holds a "contract for your soul" and gives the pair three minutes to strut their stuff.

The video then flashes back to the duo's many trials and tribulations, from playing on street corners while passersby toss them condoms instead of money, to getting shooed away by snobby club owners and playing for a lone drunk at "Java Jams."

Other failures for Betty include auditioning for "Pop Idol USA" and getting tossed out on the sidewalk, then mailing a demo to "Kappy Tall Records" and waiting patiently by the phone, unaware it's already landed in the trash. Eventually Betty resorts to playing for her pet goldfish, who promptly tunes her out with headphones.

Still hopeful, Betty envisions performing for a packed audience, but gets snapped back to reality as her three-minute audition ends with Mr. Big Wig uttering the dreaded "Thanks, we'll call you." Again, Betty and Bongo are pitched out on the sidewalk, sauntering off into the sunset and leaving viewers to wonder about Betty's fate.

Although the song is called "Mad" and the subject is rejection, the track is a decidedly sunny pop number that pokes fun at pop culture while showing the determination of today's musician and the unique friendship between Betty and her reluctant musical partner Bongo.

The video can be viewed at MySpace, YouTube and http://www.c-tracks.tv, and the song will be available for download exclusively at http://www.c-tracks.tv. Check out Betty's MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/bettymcbethal.

About C-tracks Records:
C-tracks Records is founded by musicians for musicians, and defines itself as a next generation, underdog record label with commercial appeal. They've eliminated the term "A & R" from their vocabulary, so there will be no "Mr. Big Wigs" to toss the proverbial Bettys and Bongos of the world out on the sidewalk.

"The day of the major A&R as a gatekeeper of the music business are numbered," said co-founder Stefan Schmidt, who hopes to establish more viewer-friendly cartoon brands. "C-tracks records doesn`t have a trash can named 'demo tapes.' We don't care whether your demo tape is a high-tech production or you strumming on your guitar in your basement. All that counts is a great melody and hook or a great groove." C-tracks Records accepts unsolicited material and demo tracks, and they promise to provide feedback. Any Betty McBethals out there still searching for success can send their Mp3 or links to: we-fired-our-A+Rs @ c-tracks.co.uk.

Stefan Schmidt
pr @ c-tracks.co.uk
phone 0044 20 3286 83-16            


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