Math Tutor DVD Releases Advanced Calculus Help DVD Series

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The Advanced Calculus 2 Tutor and Calculus 3 Tutor DVD series have been released at

Advanced Calculus 2 Tutor

This Calculus 3 video is especially well done. He absolutely does the best job I have seen at explaining vectors. They are a breeze after watching this video. The section on double integrals stands out to me as well.

Math Tutor DVD has released the follow-on tutorial DVDs to the very popular Calculus 1&2 Tutor DVD which was released in 2005. These new DVD volumes serve students who are seeking Calculus help at the university level and cover all major topics in advanced Calculus classes.

These Calculus Tutorials are guaranteed to raise grades and come with a money-back guarantee.

The Advanced Calculus 2 Tutor is a 14 Hour DVD course over 4 DVD disks and covers the core topics in a university Calculus 2 Course. After using the Advanced Calculus 2 Tutor, one student stated that "Jason just has a way with his teaching. He never rushes through topics, only gives you information that is the most important, and I think most importantly shows you how to work problems step by tedious step. With his dvd's and some practice I was able to get an A in Calculus 1 & 2, and am on my way to one in Calculus 3.

Another student went on to say "It is obvious that Jason Gibson has a solid understanding of what is important in the material and thus, he gets straight to the point. He doesn't spend time with long explanations of proofs and other supplementary material that all textbooks cover. He is most interested in helping you solve the problems you will see in your homework and exams."

The Advanced Calculus 2 Tutor (14 Hours) covers the following topics:

Disk 1
Section 1: Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Section 2: Derivatives Of Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Section 3: Hyperbolic Functions
Section 4: Inverse Hyperbolic Functions
Section 5: L Hospital s Rule
Section 6: Trigonometric Integrals

Disk 2
Section 7: Integration By Partial Fractions
Section 8: Arc Length
Section 9: Area Of A Surface Of Revolution
Section 10: Parametric Equations
Section 11: Arc Length In Parametric Equations
Section 12: Surface Area Of Revolution In Parametric Eqns

Disk 3
Section 13: Polar Coordinates
Section 14: Polar Equations
Section 15: Area And Length In Polar Coordinates
Section 16: Sequences

Disk 4
Section 17: Series
Section 18: Integral Test Of Series Convergence
Section 19: Comparison Tests Of Series Convergence
Section 20: Alternating Series Test Of Convergence
Section 21: Ratio and Root Test Of Convergence

The Calculus 3 Tutor is provided in two volumes. The series author states that "The problems in Calculus 3 are quite lengthy and so the material needed to be split up into a Calculus 3 Volume 1 and Calculus 3 Volume 2. The DVDs are so lengthy because every single step is shown and explained to the student which is what is needed to master the material."

One student who used the Calculus 3 Tutor, Volume 1 stated that "This Calculus 3 video is especially well done. He absolutely does the best job I have seen at explaining vectors. They are a breeze after watching this video. The section on double integrals stands out to me as well."

After using the Calculus 3 Tutor, Volume 2, another student shared her thoughts. "I have purchased all videos in Jason Gibson's Calculus series. Every single one of them is excellent! I am in Calculus 3 right now, and have been using this video concurrently with the course, every step of the way. Its great to be able to come home, pop in the DVD and basically re-watch what you learned in school that day. Several sections on Disk 2 have really helped me get through some sticky areas. For instance, I would have done terrible at Spherical Coordinates and Line Integrals without this DVD, and the section on Greens theorem saved me as well. If you are having any issues in Calculus 3, you will not be disappointed with these DVDs."

The Calculus 3 Tutor, Volume 1 (10 Hours) Covers The Following Topics:

Disk 1
Section 1: 3D Cartesian Coordinates
Section 2: Introduction To Vectors
Section 3: The Vector Dot Product
Section 4: The Vector Cross Product
Section 5: Vector Valued Functions

Disk 2
Section 6: Multivariable Functions And Partial Derivatives
Section 7: The Chain Rule For Partial Derivatives
Section 8: The Directional Derivative

Disk 3
Section 9: The Gradient
Section 10: Double Integrals
Section 11: Double Integrals In Polar Coordinates

The Calculus 3 Tutor, Volume 2 (11 Hours) Covers The Following Topics:

Disk 1
Section 1: Triple Integrals
Section 2: Triple Integrals In Cylindrical Coordinates

Disk 2
Section 3: Triple Integrals In Spherical Coordinates
Section 4: Divergence And Curl Of A Vector Field
Section 5: Line Integrals

Disk 3
Section 6: Line Integrals In A Vector Field
Section 7: Alternative Form Of Line Integrals In Vector Fields
Section 8: Fundamental Theorem Of Line Integrals

Disk 4
Section 9: Greens Theorem
Section 10: Surface Integrals
Section 11: Flux Integrals
Section 12: Stokes Theorem
Section 13: The Divergence Theorem

About Math Tutor DVD:
Math Tutor DVD is a leading producer of math help on DVD for all ages and grade levels. The courses include Basic Math, Basic Math Word Problems, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Algebra Word Problems, Advanced Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3, Physics, and Probability & Statistics. All tutorial DVDs are taught entirely by worked example problems so that students gain practical benefits and raise grades immediately.

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