CallWriter Seminars, Inc. Announces its Covered Call Prosperity Powerhouse Seminar

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December 2nd and 3rd, 2006, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Students who stick with covered call writing will eventually learn how to achieve consistent success, but it is an expensive process. It is actually much cheaper to pay for a top-notch seminar than pay Wall Street for the same education.

CallWriter Seminars, Inc., in association with (], the world's foremost site for covered call writers, announced that its Covered Call Prosperity Powerhouse Seminar , a two-day, intermediate-level seminar, will be held on Saturday and Sunday, December 2/3, 2006, at Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino in LasVegas, Nevada. This seminar is designed for those who understand the option basics and who want to master the covered call writing process. It will be especially valuable for those who have had little or sporadic success in covered call writing or who just want to learn it A to Z. Among many other things, seminar students will actually learn how to:

  • Analyze and pick the best covered call trades;
  • Quickly - but thoroughly - research trades to eliminate the dangerous ones;
  • Choose the best call strike and month;
  • Plan the trade properly, integrating resistance, support and other key factors;
  • Handle the dropping or rising stock to maximize profit and minimize loss;
  • Rewrite the stock when not called out and avoid locking in a loss; and
  • Money management and trade discipline

CallWriter Seminars, Inc. President Lisa Brasher noted that, "People who have some experience trading, but who are not getting consistent returns, often never consider attending a seminar. Yet it's precisely the lack of the proper foundation that leads to trades that eat up returns. If you're not yet getting consistent returns writing covered calls, or if you want to do better than ever before - or if you want to start writing covered calls and do it right - this seminar is the one for you."

CallWriter Publisher John Brasher pointed out that, "Too many people assume that covered calls are a gift from heaven, that they practically write themselves. But the truth is that consistent results are obtained by people who know what they are doing and apply a consistent process with consistent discipline. If I asked you how to pick the best covered call trades or plan them, would you know? What do you do if the stock begins dropping - which of the possible alternatives are best? Covered call writing is probably the best income generation strategy out there, but it isn't a free ride. You have to really know the process, how to put the odds of success in your favor and how to deal with dropping stocks so that you rarely have a loser."

Mr Brasher added, "Students who stick with covered call writing will eventually learn how to achieve consistent success, but it is an expensive process. It is actually much cheaper to pay for a top-notch seminar than pay Wall Street for the same education."

A hallmark of CallWriter's seminars is the level of student interactivity. Instead of just listening to interminable lecture, or to an instructor read a PowerPoint presentation while they watch it, attendees at CallWriter seminars actually get practice in opening and closing trades, they actually analyze and pick trades, they plan the trades and they get practice managing trades, handling dropping stocks and how to write stocks that are down. For example, Mr. Brasher frequently divides students into groups and pit each against the others to pick the best trade. They learn how to set stops and alternatives to handle dropping stocks. They also learn how to write portfolio stocks and how to avoid locking in a loss on a stock when it is down. Here is a list of things you'll master at this seminar...

Publisher John Brasher also noted that, "People like to focus on the returns available from covered call writing. However, avoiding the wrong stocks is even more important, because one catastrophic stock can wipe out many months of covered call returns. The Covered Call Prosperity Powerhouse seminar will pay for itself if it keeps a trader out of even one really bad trade - and the truth is that it will keep you out of many."

Covered call writing is a simple trading strategy that consists of buying stock and writing call options against it, or writing call options on stock already owned. The sale of call options produces income to the call writer from the underlying stock. Covered call writing, an option trading strategy designed to produce consistent monthly returns, continues to gain in popularity as traders realize how easy it is to do and how simple the trades are to manage.

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