Massive Cuts on Business Telephone Systems Ensure Cheap Business Calls Lives up to its Name

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Kent based communications experts Keypoint Communications, whose brainchild Cheap Business Calls has been doing so well in recent months, has hit competitors with a further body blow as it unveils the full extent of its extraordinary business telephone systems rates. First up, every telephone system they install has zero line rental – that’s nothing at all – which means they can offer an instant saving against major rivals BT. Second, Keypoint Communications’ overall price tariff, which features all sorts of bolt ons (mobile and international packages will prove particularly popular, again slaying BT at pretty much every turn of the price comparison) as well as vPBX, call forwarding and caller ID, comes in so much lower than their rivals it’s a wonder BT have managed to retain any business at all.

Keypoint Communications

come out of the closet

It isn’t long since Keypoint Communications unveiled their cheap business calls initiative. In that time, the number of businesses purchasing full telephone systems from the company that cut all of the rubbish out of the traditional business phone contract has gone through the roof. It isn’t hard to see why. Where no other company has the sense to tread, Cheap Business Calls has wandered – and they’ve cut a swath so deep through the previously accepted abuses of their competitors that it almost feels as though no-one else dares follow, for fear of being branded hypocritical.

“Normal” business phone contracts involve fairly massive connection fees; minimum minutes charged for individual phone calls, even if those minutes are orders of magnitude longer than the actual conversation; and rental charges for all telephone system equipment. What Keypoint Communications realised, was that all these buried charges could be removed from a business’ phone bill – giving, for the first time, genuinely cheap business calls that had (and have) the propensity to save customers thousands of pounds every year.

It isn’t just the phone call charges that Keypoint have revolutionised. Their phone systems are installed without levying ridiculous “hire” charges – and their add on services, like call forwarding and caller ID are offered and used according to impartial advice rather than an apparently insatiable desire to take as much money as possible. BT and co must be cringing behind their phone directories. Everything Keypoint and their Cheap Business Calls baby have done is so transparent, so honest, that they have simply left no room for anyone else to try and enter their market.

If BT were to catch up with the transparent cheap business calls charge policy invented by Keypoint, they’d effectively have to “come out of the closet” and admit their previous charge policies were way out of line, by radically altering them. Same for their phone service and telephone system packages, all of which, by contrast to Keypoint’s clearly-labelled “only buy what you need” tariffs, are obviously designed to foist a load of useless stuff on people who just wanted caller ID and call forwarding.

There’s a lot of ground for everyone else to make up. Keypoint, presumably, don’t care. After all, they’re sitting pretty at the head of a new market for cheap business calls.

Keypoint Communications and their child company Cheap Business Calls have developed a new, honest model for business communication packages and systems.


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