The Fat and Skinny of Frozen Yogurt

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Touted as an alternative to high calorie and high fat ice cream, frozen yogurt is making those who eat it...fat. While it has been embraced as a healthy treat, it is hard to control calories when it is self served and consumers are controlling portion size. This is particularly true with children who also add toppings that consist of cookies, sprinkles, and hot fudge. With the childhood obesity epidemic continuing to balloon out of control a specialty soft serve product called Carbawhey is changing things up.


We have to start with [the] assumption that parents aren’t deliberately making bad choices; they’re making the choices that they can under the circumstances.

Similar to the scene in the "Seinfeld" episode where Elaine gains seven pounds from eating fat-free frozen yogurt, many frozen yogurt lovers might be surprised to learn that what they’re eating isn’t so low in calories. Averaging in at 357 calories per serving for this low calorie snack makes it hard to believe it is a healthy treat. But there is hope fort those looking for an alternative, a specialty soft serve product called Carbawhey is the world's lowest calorie soft serve with only 20 calories per 4 ounce serving.

The current trend in frozen yogurt has been the ‘self-serve’ approach where the individual can pour as much yogurt as he or she would like. The problem lies in the fact that the consumer has no idea how much yogurt he or she is getting and how many calories are actually consumed. Frozen yogurt ranges from 29 to 90 calories per ounce with a serving size of 6 ounces. That amounts to 174-540 calories prior to adding toppings consisting of cookies, sprinkles, and hot fudge, any of which can double the calorie count. Is it any wonder why the obesity epidemic continues to get worse? Consumers are simply trading in their sodas, donuts, and latte’s for frozen yogurt. Fortunately a specialty soft serve product called Carbawhey focuses on consumers that want a healthy, great tasting product with low calories.

Often considered a whey protein shake in soft serve form, Carbawhey is advertised as the world’s lowest calorie soft serve at 5 calories per ounce. Carbawhey is made with whey protein concentrate which stimulates appetite suppression, fuels the metabolic furnace, and satisfies the sweet tooth. Carbawhey’s use of whey protein concentrate along with a patented all natural sweetener called Whey Low (no relation to whey protein) has given Carbawhey staying power for nearly a decade in local frozen yogurt shops and celebrity gyms. Being low in calories removes the guilt from those that like the ‘self-serve’ approach and pile it into their bowls. The product lends itself as safe for those that are lactose intolerant and to those sensitive to sugar. Carbawhey also makes an excellent food choice for children that want the fun of a frozen treat.

As the childhood obesity epidemic rages on, smart food choices will continue to become increasingly important. As first lady Michelle Obama stated during a recent interview, “We have to start with [the] assumption that parents aren’t deliberately making bad choices; they’re making the choices that they can under the circumstances.” At least this way parents have a choice under the circumstance to give something healthy to their children and to themselves.

Since 2002, California Soft Serve Concepts has been designing high protein low calorie products such as Carbawhey for health conscious consumers.

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