4 Signs it's Time for a Career Evolution: Dinosaur Dynamo Switches Professions, Shares Her Survival Secrets for "Make Your Own Luck Day," August 26, 2010

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For those who feel unrewarded, unappreciated, or uninspired in their jobs, Kathy Carlson of http://www.UtahHandwritingExpert.com shares four career clues that indicate it is the right time for one to make his or her own luck, in time for "Make Your Own Luck Day" on August 26, 2010.

I don't like to see people get away with bad things

Founding father Thomas Jefferson once said "I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it." Honoring Jefferson's words, Utah Handwriting Expert Kathy Carlson knew it was time for a change when she watched a drooping economy wring customers out of her retail dinosaur store in western Colorado. Carlson recognized the opportunity to prepare for "Make Your Own Luck Day" on August 26, 2010 by earning her certification in Forensic Document Examination and launching her career in graphology.

"With fewer customers visiting, I feared my once-successful shop was headed for extinction," according to to Kathy Carlson, who owned DynoStore - Where the Past Meets the Present, a retail store featuring products for dinosaur enthusiasts in paleontology-rich Montrose, Colorado. "If I didn't make an immediate and majestic change, I would be out of luck. In May of 2009 I started my training as a forensic document examiner. I became certified six months early, and quickly got to begin defending people who were being cheated through forged documents and handwriting related crimes."

Although Carlson's official graduation date is this month, the apprenticeship program at International School of Forensic Document Examination allowed her work with a court qualified mentor and take over 18 real cases since her training began. Carlson is one of 20 select forensic document examiners who has received a certification through the international training program founded by handwriting expert Bart Baggett.

Already handling nearly two dozen cases, Carlson cherishes the opportunity to help the community she loves. "I don't like to see people get away with bad things,” she continues. "Investigating the authenticity of handwriting on letters, wills and checks is an indisputable science. Wrongdoers may think they can get away with forgery, but a trained forensic document examiner can spot it and testify to the truth at trial."

For those in a situation similar to Carlson who are stuck wondering the long-term viability of their jobs or careers, Carlson reveals four signs it may be time to "Make Your Own Luck:"

1. Work has become work. People often begin a job or career loving what they do; looking forward to each day at work. When someone begins to dread what they once loved, they may want to change directions in their job or career.

2. Work is getting less efficient, more difficult. In Carlson's lifelong study of dinosaurs, survival of the fittest is proven time and again. If people are not getting better at their jobs, they are getting worse. This makes them in danger of extinction. "Making Your Own Luck" is the key only chance for survival.

3. While the job is secure, the career is cloudy. There may be no threat of losing a job, but the employee finds him- or herself uninspired by daily work. Or perhaps there is a clear career path, but the employee realizes that path is not what they had envisioned they would accomplish.

4. The job is no longer secure. A struggling economy can leave even the best worker with a questionable future. The best time to prepare for unemployment is long before a job is lost.

Kathy Carlson has always loved mysteries. Today she has made a career in solving mysteries as one of the top document examiners in the state of Utah according to the search engine Yahoo.com. Her expertise has reached across the globe to Cypress, a tiny island between Turkey and Egypt. People from Utah to Cypress, and anywhere in between, can find help identifying the authenticity of a signature by calling 970-275-6846 or visiting http://www.UtahHandwritingExpert.com.

One of Kathy's mentors is Mr. Bart Baggett, founder of the International School of Forensic Document Examination, one of America’s top court qualified handwriting experts, author of five books, who is often seen on CNN’s Larry King Live and the Today Show. Baggett and Carlson are both members of Handwriting Services International, an association and directory of court qualified forensic document examiners throughout the USA.

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