Jim Case Carlton’s Training Announces Harassment Training Initiatives for The Workplace

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Jim Case Carlton’s Training is a corporate strategy organization that provides assistance to companies for employee education. Harassment laws are changing at a fast pace and new workplace initiatives must be installed to prevent workplace harassment.



I’ve never felt this kind of political pressure before. It’s like I’m an outcast because my political affiliation is different than most of my co-workers.

Jim Case Carlton’s Training announced plans Friday to push for new initiatives to stamp out harassment in offices across the U.S. Some of the primary forms of harassment are defined as religious proselytizing, political statements, sexually charged jokes and even legitimate art that may have overt sexually based themes. To rid the workplace of harassment, Jim Case Carlton’s Training has some steps for companies to take.

According to the laws reflected by the EEOC, religious proselytizing has been found in everything from the company website to employee newsletters. It is important to understand that with such a diverse workforce that there will most certainly be many different religions so it’s vital to respect and not assume. There have even been companies that have had morning prayers or messages read from the bible in morning announcements. These are not permitted.

Jack Cash Carlton’s Training knows political comments have been known to divide an office. In recent years the polarization of the political parties has found its way into the office. “I’ve never felt this kind of political pressure before. It’s like I’m an outcast because my political affiliation is different than most of my co-workers.” Statements about another’s political affiliation or beliefs are strictly prohibited.

Sexually themed jokes have their obvious problems. But even the posting of sexually themed jokes or cartoons cannot be allowed in the workplace. Even if they are not targeted at a specific individual and placed in the personal and private cubicle of an employee, it is prohibited. If the joke is stated or in sight and is heard or seen this can cause legal trouble for the organization.

Music in the office can be offensive if it holds language that others may deem misogynistic, unsavory or sexually charged. As with language issues if music contains language that others find offensive this is prohibited. Fellow employees need a workplace free from what they may deem as hostile or violent language and just because it is stated in music does not change the fact.

Jim Case Carlton’s Training has pushed for a harassment free workplace for its clients for over thirteen years. The programs they represent make clear and concise statements about what the law reflects in regards to hostile work environment and harassment laws. To view any of their programs or learn more about their industry check out their site here at Jim Case Carlton’s Training.

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