Cash For Junk Cars San Diego Service Is Promoting The Recycling Of Junk Cars In San Diego California And Throughout The United States

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The process of junking a car for cash in San Diego can be a easy to accomplish, with many companies offering to buy your junk car. One company seems to be doing their part on explaining why you should be recycling your car for cash in San Diego California.

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We are doing are part keeping the beaches and the bays clean in San Diego

Cash for junk cars San Diego provider Cash For Cars Quick Corp. is ramping up marketing efforts to further their market in the junk car business in San Diego. The company, a California based cash for cars service is using public awareness about cashing in for junk cars to raise its volume in purchasing more vehicles in the San Diego CA. CEO William Leonard is quoted saying “I grew up in San Diego and have a personal commitment to recycling cars for cash in the San Diego area, I don’t want any hazardous materials to end up in our beaches or bays, I don’t believe anyone does”. The company has numerous ads in out there with statements that read “we buy junk cars in San Diego” and “junk car removal for cash in San Diego” hoping that San Diego residents that were not aware of junk cars having a value may consider selling their junk car, so proper recycling of parts and disposing of dangerous materials can be done. A recent post on states, by volume, used motor oil is one of the largest hazardous waste streams in California: Almost 115 million gallons are sold in the state each year. While about 70 percent is collected after use, it continues to be a serious environmental problem because it is insoluble and contains heavy metals and toxic chemicals. It makes its way into lakes, streams, and oceans via the storm water system and endangers fish, waterfowl, insects, and other aquatic life. In addition, one gallon of used motor oil can foul the taste of 1 million gallons of water. For more information visit

Cash For Cars Quick Corp. believes those figures do not include all of the junk cars in San Diego neighborhoods and in abandoned lots that have junk cars or trucks that have oil in them or have been leaking oil for an extended period of time. The company hopes by offering money for cars or trucks in San Diego that the owners of these vehicles will participate in helping the environment in San Diego CA. “According to the latest US Census Bureau report San Diego County has an estimated, 3,095,313 living there, the need for junk car recycling in obvious” a spokesperson for the company states. The company has stated tremendous growth in the cash for cars San Diego market over the last 12 months. They believe by marketing to the younger generations of car and truck owners they are hitting a market that some of the companies that have been doing it longer are missing. Using a mobile based theme for their website and tracking for pickups helps clients have an easier process of selling their junk vehicles.

The auto recycling business is bigger than most people may think, according to the Automotive Recyclers Association reports the automotive recycling number to be a Total annual revenue is estimated to be $22 billion and goes on to say that auto recycling saves an estimated 85 million barrels of oil a year, that would have been used in the manufacturing of new or replacement parts. The company feels that if everyone in San Diego and everywhere the company services new these facts the cash for junk cars business would be doing stronger numbers. The money that vehicles owners can get when they want cash for trucks can be even greater due to weight.

About the Company: is a junk a car service company that provides service in San Diego and throughout the United States. They have made a significant contribution to the industry by setting up the trend for an eco-friendly recycling practice.

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