Casino Customer Satisfaction Surveys Are Waste of Time and Money! New White Paper Reveals Why

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Casinos can no longer rely on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty surveys to determine if they are on the right track for success. That approach does not yield useful data. Robinson & Associates announces white paper that outlines the one number casinos need to predict profitability – Advocate Index™.

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Advocate Index is a casino’s ultimate number for determining future success and the customer advocacy it measures is the right approach.

Advocate Index™, a methodology that gives casinos critical information for predicting growth and profitability, is outlined in a white paper announced today by Robinson & Associates, Inc., a guest service consulting firm to the global gaming industry.

“Many casinos conduct research to determine if they are on the right track for future growth, but they don’t realize they are using the wrong approach,” says Martin R. Baird, chief executive officer of Robinson & Associates. “If they think customer satisfaction and customer loyalty surveys will give them the data they need, they are wrong. Advocate Index is the ultimate number for determining future success and the customer advocacy it measures is the right approach.”

Satisfaction and loyalty surveys are not useful because customers are fickle, Baird explains. “Some customers say they are satisfied and then stop patronizing a business anyway,” Baird says. “A casino guest can be happy on Thursday because he won and unhappy on Saturday because he lost,” Baird says. “So he is satisfied or not?”

The white paper, titled “Advocate Index: An Operational Tool,” explains the fallacy of customer satisfaction, the importance of customer advocacy and casino customer service, how the Advocate Index is calculated and how it can be used.

“Research published in the Harvard Business Review shows that there is no correlation between customer satisfaction and the future performance of any business, casinos included,” Baird says. “Even measuring customer loyalty is not good enough. Casinos need to know the degree to which they have guests who are willing to be advocates. Express that data as a number and that’s the index.”

An advocate is someone who is willing to voluntarily risk their personal reputation for a casino by spreading positive word about the property to friends and associates. People who play at a casino based on an advocate’s recommendation can also become advocates and the cycle repeats itself. “Through a simple survey, we can tell a casino the degree to which it has advocates,” Baird says. “That’s the casino’s Net Advocate Index score. The more advocates a casino has, the higher the score. The higher the score the better because advocates represent repeat business and the people they attract to a casino represent new business.”

The white paper also details other benefits of Advocate Index, including:

– An easily measurable scale for prediction of future revenue.
– Extremely handy and easy statistical tool that is simple to explain to employees.
– A value that reflects how much trust casino customers have in the property and how far the casino has satisfied them with outstanding guest service and a memorable gaming experience.
– An increase in the index will automatically have a desirable side effect of increased satisfaction levels of employees.

Companies such as Dell, Intuit, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Symantec and Harley Davidson use methodology similar to Advocate Index to chart their future growth, Baird says. The methodology is based on 10 years of research of more than 4,000 customers in 14 industries.

About Robinson & Associates

For nearly 20 years, Robinson & Associates, Inc., has been dedicated to helping casinos improve their guest service so they can compete and generate future growth and profitability. A Boise, Idaho-based consulting firm to the global gaming industry, Robinson & Associates is the world leader in casino guest experience measurement and improvement. For more information, visit the company’s Web site at or contact Lydia Baird, director of business development, at 208-991-2037 or lbaird(at)raresults(dot)com. Robinson & Associates is a member of the Casino Management Association and an associate member of the National Indian Gaming Association.


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