No More Gray with Catalase Dietary Supplement Developed to Prevent Gray Hair and Restore Natural Hair Color

Supplement Replenishes Enzymes Lost During the Aging Process and Helps Stop the Chain Reaction Leading to Gray Hair

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No More Gray Dietary Supplement

No More Gray could be the key to preventing or reversing gray hair for millions struggling with a natural, cost-effective answer.

Union City, TN (PRWEB) September 9, 2010

Top of the World Distributors® is excited to announce the addition of No More Gray with Catalase to their vast line of RaNisa Naturals health and wellness supplements. Formulated based on the extensive research of the antioxidant enzyme catalase, No More Gray could offer a simple solution to an age old problem. Containing the powerful ingredient catalase, this phenomenal supplement can slow the graying process and restore natural hair color.

“No More Gray provides a healthy alternative for those who want to retain their natural hair color without frequent trips to the salon for artificial dyes,” says Theresa Strain, RN and Vice President of Top of the World Distributors. “We are excited to offer this new supplement to our customers who, with health and wellness in mind, strive for a youthful appearance.”

Research has shown that catalase enzyme supplements can help restore and rebuild levels depleted with the aging process. With increased catalase levels, the body’s natural ability to restore and maintain hair color can be rejuvenated and possibly maintained for years. Armed with this exciting news, Top of the World Distributors developed their new No More Gray dietary supplement with high quality catalase enzymes as well as other needed nutrients to promote healthier, thicker hair.

The role of catalase, found in all living organisms, is to break down the body’s naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. Without this breakdown, hydrogen peroxide damages the body and affects its natural defense and health. During the aging process, catalase levels begin to decrease while hydrogen peroxide continues to increase within the hair follicle. The over-production of hydrogen peroxide begins to bleach the hair and the follicles cannot produce enough melanin (hair color pigment) to overcome this increase. Since the natural defense against hydrogen peroxide decreases with age, the hair is actually bleached from the inside out, thus causing gray hair.

No More Gray could be the key to preventing or reversing gray hair for millions struggling with a natural, cost-effective answer. This revolutionary new product may give them the opportunity to say no to chemicals, no to costly salon visits and no to gray hair.

About Top of the World Distributors®
Top of the World Distributors® is the owner and distributor of the RaNisa Naturals line of health supplements and personal care items manufactured entirely in the United States. Founded in 1997 by Lisa and Randy Roney, this family-owned company offers over 200 products including vitamins, nutritional supplements, hair and skin products, weight loss formulas and personal care items. The company’s flagship supplement, Calotren®, is one of the first all-natural collagen-based weight loss formulas developed in the United States. Top of the World Distributors is devoted to providing customers with top quality health care products, competitive pricing and a dedicated customer service department staffed with health professionals and nurses. The company’s products are sold directly to consumers and through a network of retail and wholesale distributors worldwide. For more information, visit the company website at




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