MultiMedia eBook on Steroids -- Cathedral of the Senses -- Turns Book/Music Publishing on Its Head

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Cathedral of the Senses, the first novel to embed a music soundtrack inside a digital book, is the sequel to what critics called one of the “Top 10 most inspirational novels of all time.” The iPad version of the novel includes excerpts of songs the reader can hear by merely touching the screen. Can be found at

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Cathedral oif the Senses

The most revolutionary publishing product I've seen in years. The possibilities this book creates for traditional publishers to re-purpose existing inventories is simply mindboggling. – Stan Corwin, former president of Prentice Hall and Pinnacle Books.

Cathedral of the Senses is the sequel to the famous metaphysical cult classic, Trick of the Light, which was published by Beyond Words (the publisher of The Secret). Trick of the Light was extremely well reviewed and was optioned by Hemdale Films (winner of two Best Picture Academy Awards—for “Platoon” and “The Last Emperor of China”).

Cathedral of the Senses is a metaphysical novel that appeals to an audience interested in Eckhart Tolle’s Now Moment philosophy, as well as to people who enjoy the Abraham-Hicks books. Whereas those books are non-fiction, Cathedral of the Senses is both a novel and a MultiMedia eBook that is essentially an album inside a book.

One of the unique aspects of this novel is that it is the first novel with a self-contained music soundtrack. The iPad ebook version allows the reader to listen to appropriate portions of songs written for this book by merely touching the screen. The reader may then download the entire song, or the entire album from the Internet. The songs were professionally recorded and fully produced and included contributions from such industry heavyweights as Mike Lattanzi and Barry Keenan.

One thing that makes Stephen Smoke’s Cathedral of the Senses so different is that he’s a professional novelist and he recognizes that his first job is to entertain. Beyond that, all his metaphysical writing is based on an experience he had when he was 20 years old. Says the author, “I don’t merely re-purpose information I read from other people’s books. I truly believe I have something unique to say.”

What people are saying about Cathedral of the Senses:

"I read the prequel, Trick of the Light. Being a writer myself, I thought it was one of the most inspirational books I’d ever read. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that, in my opinion, Trick of the Light is a masterpiece. Now that I’ve read the sequel, I am blown away. Besides being a writer, my main profession is acting. I love the visual palette the author works from. While dealing with spiritual and philosophical issues in a completely unique manner Mr. Smoke manages to accomplish the trick that eludes most inspirational writers: He entertains the reader! You don’t have to be a spiritual seeker in order to enjoy this book. And I absolutely love the music. My two favorites are 'Diamond Mind,' and 'Amsterdam.'" – Thomas Morris, actor (“Schindler’s List,” “Angels and Demons,” “The International”)

“Reminiscent of Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, set in a world straight out of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Cathedral of the Senses is thought-provoking without being preachy. In many ways it’s a fictional depiction of the popular ‘now moment’ philosophies put forth by such contemporary writer/philosophers as Eckhart Tolle.” – John Knoerle, author of A Despicable Profession

“Unlike most Western books I’ve read that try to describe the Zen experience, Cathedral of the Senses creates an environment for the reader to have his or her own experience.” – Bernadette Shih, author of Mao – A Young Man from the Yangtze Valley, and Ling Ling: The Most Beautiful Giant Panda in the World

About the Author

Stephen Smoke is the author of 29 books (19 novels), including five bestselling psychological thrillers with HarperCollins (Black Butterfly, Pacific Coast Highway, et al.), as well as the socially-conscious “Bill of Responsibilities” series. He also wrote and directed several feature films, including “Street Crimes” starring Dennis Farina. His books are available at


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