The First Import of River Beluga Caviar ® is Now Available by Caviar Merchant Company

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Despite the American ban on Beluga Caviar and very limited Caspian Caviar in the market, with no quota for 2009, Caviar Merchant Company offers the highest quality imported Caviar from all over the world.

Caviar Merchant Company

Beluga Caviar is the most expensive and rarest of all Caviar. In 2005 the United States placed a unilateral ban on the import of all Beluga Caviar (Huso Huso). Caviar Merchant Company, a major supplier of Caspian Caviar, Iranian Caviar, Farmed Caviar and American Caviar proudly offers River Beluga Caviar ® Processed by Caspian Saltmasters.

Today, Caviar Merchant Company is eager to have imported the closest Caviar comparable to the highly sought after Beluga Caviar. This Caviar is produced from the Huso Daricus Sturgeon, exclusively branded as River Beluga Caviar®.

In fact, Caviar Merchant Company offers a unique selection of the highest quality gourmet Caviar from the most prestigious worldwide producers. These include California Caviar, French Caviar, Galilee Caviar, and Italian Caviar from Venice.

Italy has Caviar?

Now, yes, and very good Caviar indeed. Caviar Merchant's Siberian Osetra selection is very special:

Italian Caviar Company, Iran Darya has been in Caviar distribution for over 3 decades. One of the largest and most prestigious Caviar companies in Europe, Founder & Owner Mr. Zohouri has undertaken the art of crafting a delightful Caviar. Today, Caspian Salt masters and experts from SHILAT have been flying to Venice, in order to process and oversee the development of the highest quality Baerii Osetra Caviar. This Caviar derives from the Siberian Sturgeon, and is made by artisinal experts, notably Salt Master Toufani.

The Caspian Specialist spend about 15 days in Italy per every production period. During this time the secret technique and ancient traditions in selecting, grading, salting, curing, and mixing the delicate pearls take place. The ultimate result is Caviar made by the same specialist whom oversee the production of Iranian Royal Asetra and other fine wild Caspian Caviar.

Caviar Merchant's latest import for Fall 2009 is available containing a prestigious assortment of Caviar from all over the world.

This high quality farmed Baerii Osetra from Venice is the result of the very best Iranian Caviar artisans and salt masters flown into Italy to oversee and handle the seasonal production. It's their secret art, handed down for centuries, that makes the difference in this superior quality Baerii Caviar. With ceturies of experience, the cured roe of this high quality Sturgeon Caviar are a true delight.

Caviar Merchant's Baerii Siberian Sturgeon Caviar is dark brown in colour, with a perfect salinity and maturation. Iranian processed techniques resluts in a Caviar with a delicate taste that makes it an exquisite Osetra equaly fine as wild Caviar so as to surely satisfy the palate of the highly demanding connoisseur.

Another recent import has been Nacarii Sturgeon from Spain. The Nacarri is from Caviar de Rio Frio whom has "Iranian Method" Caviar. The Caviar has been designed using traditional Persian elements. Without a doubt it's their most complex product, full of character for expert palates looking for each and every sensation of genuine Iranian Caviar. This Caviar really highlights the ancient Persian tradition that is Caviar, derived from the Acipenser naccarii. It's an excellent Caviar.

Nacarii Caviar from Spain offers a delicate texture in one's mouth with bright flavours of walnut and cream. The maturing process is prepared in original tins for a period of 3 to 6 months. During this time, the Caviar passes through a wide range of flavours. Branded as Per Sé in Spain this is an excellent Caviar that lets one almost experience true Iranian Caviar, at half the cost.

Caviar Merchant Company's other Caviar include American Caviar, farmed White Sturgeon Osetra from California, Russian Caviar, farmed Karat Russian Osetra from Galilee, Siberian Osetra from France and much more.

The future of Caviar will be mostly farmed Caviar. Caviar Merchant Company only imports Caviar produced by specialist whom are experienced and professional. Caviar Merchant imports are based and selected by species, origin, and processing method. Caviar Merchant Company maintains a goal purely based on high quality standards and excellence.

In Caviar Merchant's endeavor for growth and with the goal of leading the current and future Caviar market, Caviar Merchant Company has undertaken a strategy that would ensure the prosperity and respectful nature of our Caviar supply to the retail market. Caviar Merchant Company's position is one of superior quality and a technique that results in a cherished moment, a long lasting memory of bliss, and an appreciation of the ancient tradition and ceremony that is Caviar.

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