Identity Diet Provides Identity Theft Protection For Celebrities

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High target identities such as celebrities are at a much higher risk of identity theft and must carefully consider their identity protection risks and best available solutions. The customized Identity Diet Plan identifies a person's unique identity protection risks and most appropriate solutions.

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Identity theft and related privacy and fraud issues are caused by identity obesity and identity mismanagement

IdentityMate, a privately held identity protection company, launches the Identity Diet service for high target identities. Identity Diet provides a customized identity protection plan based on each individual's unique risks. "Identity theft and related privacy and fraud issues are caused by identity obesity and identity mismanagement," says Henry Bagdasarian. Consumers continue to accumulate and share personal information at an alarming rate thus becoming identity obese while they lack the basic understanding of their privacy rights and identity fraud risks. High target identities, including celebrities, are at a much higher risk of identity theft and need to continuously evaluate their risks and available options to protect their identities. Each person's identity theft risks may be different and considering the ever increasing number of identity theft services and products in the market, which may sometimes seem confusing and overlapping, "a customized Identity Diet Plan is necessary to identify the protection gaps and mitigate the unique risks with the most appropriate and cost effective solutions" says Bagdasarian.                                                                                

Identity Diet Benefits -- An Identity Diet Plan will not only identify specific risks and actions to adequately protect against identity theft and detect fraud, it can also address identity obesity or excess personal information that an individual possesses through consolidation and/or elimination of identity components to reduce the identity scope for planned protection. In summary, "Identity Diet takes advantage of current market solutions and consumer laws to develop an action plan for addressing identified risks," says Mr. Bagdasarian.

The Identity Diet Plan will point out specific protection weaknesses as well as the steps that should be taken to strengthen the protection measures against identity theft.

The personalized Identity Diet Plan is developed in three stages:

First, an initial meeting is scheduled to gather specific information about an identity. Each identity is made of many components which if mismanaged can lead to identity theft. These components as well as information about how each personal information is protected must be gathered to develop the Identity Diet Plan.

Next, the collected information is analyzed to identify each person's unique identity protection risks including the identity obesity areas, and

Last, solutions are recommended to reduce the identified risks. The Identity Diet Plan provides specific recommendations to reduce identity components through consolidation and elimination, prevent identity theft, and detect identity fraud. The final recommendations take into consideration the latest laws pertaining to consumer rights, new threats and available third party services and products which may seem confusing and overlapping at times.

Individuals may from time to time seek the professional services of experts to help them manage their daily lives. High target identities in general engage Personal Service Providers to help them with most areas of their lives. As such, they might provide access to or share certain personal information with their Personal Service Providers, thus transferring the protection of their personal information to third parties. The Identity Diet Plan will point out the potential need for additional security evaluation of personal service providers.

The customized Identity Diet Plan costs $US 3300 and each annual update is $US 2000 if requested. There is no obligation to update the plan ever. If requested, additional costs also apply to personal service provider audits and background checks, implementation of recommendations listed in the Identity Diet Plan, and third party service provider fees such as credit monitoring.

About Identity Diet - The Identity Diet is based on the Identity KAOS principles and was developed by Henry Bagdasarian to address the unique identity protection needs of the high target identities.
Mr. Bagdasarian created many of the recent identity protection terms and concepts such as Identity Obesity, Identity Diet, Identity KAOS, and Information KAGE. He is a leading and innovative information protection and business risk expert with many published identity theft articles credited to his name. Mr. Bagdasarian has advised major global companies on security risks and is certified by numerous information security, audit, fraud and business governance organizations. He has been nominated for the Information Security Executive of the Year Award twice. Learn more about Henry Bagdasarian on his Identity Diet bio page.

About IdentityMate -- IdentityMate and its integrated web sites provide access to free identity theft awareness articles, latest identity theft trends, news and analysis, expert review of third party identity protection services and products, free newsletter, online tests and customized business and consumer solutions.
IdentityMate values privacy, customer service, human creativity, and simplicity in its risk management process. For more information about Identity Diet, please visit

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