Celergen Switzerland Featured in June 2013 Edition of The Robb Report

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Celergen, a Swiss Cell Therapy in the form of supplements, gets featured in June 2013’s edition of The Robb Report. Coverage include the findings by Dr. Bruce Lowell of the Lowell Health and Longevity Center in Great Neck, New York.

celergen switzerland

Celergen Switzerland

I have been on Celergen for about three months and have suffered chronic pain to my ankle from a fall. Now I am walking without a limp. -- Dr. Angelo Baccellieri, Westchester Wellne

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Early in 2013, Dr. Bruce Lowell began recommending Celergen to his patients for relief from various ailments ranging from chronic pain, depression, lack of vitality, energy and mental focus.

According to Dr. Bruce, it was only a matter of weeks by which time, all his patients reported significant improvements. “The response time was much quicker than I would have imagined, sometimes as little as two weeks.” Says Lowell.

Lowell continues to explain that most of his male patients reported improved libido while for others, Celergen helped reduce joint pain and improves sleep quality. Given the feedback from his patients, Dr. Lowell started taking Celergen himself. Accordingly, he noted an increase in energy and vitality throughout the day. “I was, admittedly, something of a Doubting Thomas at first. But having seen first-hand proof of what Celergen can do, in both myself and my patients, I now know that something remarkable is definitely going on,” says Dr. Lowell.

Explanation of Celergen’s effectiveness is further explored in The Robb Report, with benefits of the supplement coming primarily from its active ingredients; extracted from deep-sea marine creatures. By way of a unique Swiss Cold-Process DNA Extraction Technology, essential proteins are extracted and offered in capsule form that could easily enter the blood stream. Additionally, Celergen binds marine cell proteins with Peptide E Collagen and Hydro MN Peptide, which reinforces skin elasticity and the rejuvenation of cartilage respectively.

As more patients resort to taking Celergen for general well-being as well as to combat symptoms such as joint pains and other ailments, doctors have begun to recommend it for various ailments. Practitioners share their findings in The Robb Report:

“My patients who start Celergen believe that it is helping them in a variety of ways, from hair growth and radiant skin texture to weight loss, increased energy, and relief from joint pain. Although patients’ experiences have varied, they are not willing to go back to a life without Celergen.” -- Dr. Chong Kim, Anti-Aging Medicine Chong Kim MD, Torrance, CA

“My overall mood and outlook have definitely improved. I feel more energized and focused.” -- Dr. Nina Svino, Esthetic and Lifestyle Dentistry, Seattle, WA

“My mind is clearer and my memory sharper. Celergen is a superfood for my cells.” -- Dr. Mercedes Schaafsma, Miami Anti-Aging and Metabolic Institute, Miami, FL

“At first I didn’t notice anything. Then after about 3 months I could really experience the difference. We do a heart rate variability test in our office that reflects the health of the nervous system. Before I started taking Celergen, my test showed a stressed nervous system. Now, after just four months, it is balanced and vital. Celergen has really helped my body.” -- Dr. David I. Minkoff, LifeWorks Wellness Center, Clearwater, FL

“At 74, after bypass surgery, I figured things might never get better. Enter Celergen! I no longer wear a back brace, I work 14 hours a day, and I never complain of being tired.” -- Dr. Glen Guillet, Anti-Aging Cell Therapy of Texas, Beaumont, TX

“It has increased my metabolism, helped to shed the last few pounds that I wanted to lose, and I no longer have jet lag. Ever.” -- Dr. Rene Dell’Acqua, Dell’Acqua Dental Studio, Palm Desert, CA

“I have personally experienced increased energy and my patients are reporting a better sense of well-being, mental clarity and less anxiety.” -- Dr. David Manganaro, Manhattan Advanced Medicine, New York, NY

“I sleep much better now and wake up with renewed energy. I believe Celergen is the best natural supplement enhancing the quality of life.” -- Dr. Michael Hytros, founder, The Anti-Aging and Bariatric Clinic, Chicago, IL

“I have been on Celergen for about three months and have suffered chronic pain to my ankle from a fall. Now I am walking without a limp and have decreased the pain and stiffness. I no longer need to take NSAIDS.” -- Dr. Angelo Baccellieri, Westchester Wellness Medicine, Harrison, NY

Finally, Dr. Lowell shares his conclusion on Celergen: “But the real kicker was when my longtime hairdresser asked, in something of a huff, if I had gone to someone else to dye my hair. He noticed before I did that my roots were returning to their original dark color.”

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