Old Cell Phones Will Pay for Congress

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1.4 Billion dollars worth of cell phones will be retired this year alone; more than enough to pay the salaries of the 535 members of Congress.

The value of cell phones tossed by US wireless users is staggering - over 140 million this year with an estimated value of over $1.4 billion. “Capturing the entire value of the cell phones Americans retire in a single year” says James Mosieur “can pay Congress for the next 15 years.”

Mosieur, who runs cell phone recycler RMS Communications, says the stockpile of cell phones continues to rise regardless of recycling alternatives. “Most people don’t realize their old cell phone may be worth something. Of those who do, the vast majority have no clue how much it’s worth let alone how to sell it.”

This is where Mosieur comes in. His company’s web site, http://www.CellForCash.com, lists the value of over 500 different models of cell phones. Prices range from $5 to well over $150.00. If your cell phone does not qualify for payment the company will recycle it for free.

This is a service whose time has come. Several communities across the country have banned cell phones from landfills. Beginning July 1, 2006 the State of California has made it unlawful for businesses to sell cell phones in the state unless they have a recycling program in place.

“CellForCash.com can be used by businesses, consumers and government agencies” says Mosieur “really anyone who has an old cell phone to sell or recycle can take advantage of our service.”

Here are some more interesting facts that illustrate the volume cell phones retired each year in the US.

The cell phones retired each year…

•…if laid end to end would stretch from NY to LA 6.6 times.

•…would fill 199 boxcars.

•…weigh more than 174 space shuttles.

•…would pay the salaries of the 535 members of Congress for over 15 years.

•…would pay the budget of the City of Sacramento, CA for nearly two years.

•…would buy every man woman and child in the United States two double cheeseburgers and a medium coke at McDonalds…and $1 change.

•…would buy every licensed driver in the United States 2.3 gallons of gas.

•…would cover the lost tax income from shut down New Jersey casinos for more than three years.

•…would pay for Mark Cuban’s NBA fines for life...well at least for the next few years.

About CellForCash.com

CellForCash.com pays cash for used cell phones, and makes the process simple by displaying the phones it will buy and the prices it will pay for them right on the web site. It also provides sellers with already-addressed, postage-paid mailing boxes. The site lists over 500 models from 21 manufacturers including Motorola, Nokia and Samsung. For more information visit the web site at http://www.CellForCash.com.


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