MedSurge Advances Unveils Cellulite Solution(TM), the First Treatment Program to Address All the Causes of Cellulite: Because Cellulite, Like Beauty, is More Than Skin-Deep, New Solution Treats Skin's Connective Tissue, Hard-to-Reach Fat Deposits, Circulatory Problems and Hormonal Imbalance

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Cottage cheese thighs. Orange peel syndrome. The mattress phenomenon. Hail damage. By whatever name, cellulite is a frustrating problem for millions of women. It's especially discouraging because so many highly touted cellulite "cures" simply don't work - or only treat part of the problem.

The connective tissue beneath the skin, hard-to-reach fat deposits, circulatory problems, muscle tone, and hormonal buildup all play a role in the problem. Together, Cellulite Solution technologies offer the most comprehensive, effective treatment program available for this age-old problem.

    Now, for the first time, a solution has been developed that treats all of the known causes of cellulite. Cellulite Solution(TM), a new treatment program by MedSurge Advances, the leading medical-spa supplier and consultant, combines the best of European medical technologies to dramatically improve the appearance of cellulite.

"While the dimpling and unevenness that characterize cellulite are evident on the skin's surface, cellulite - like beauty - is more than skin deep," said Pascal Servell, clinical director of MedSurge Advances.

"The connective tissue beneath the skin, hard-to-reach fat deposits, circulatory problems, muscle tone, and hormonal buildup all play a role in the problem. Together, Cellulite Solution technologies offer the most comprehensive, effective treatment program available for this age-old problem."

Cellulite Solution combines four technologies exclusively developed for and/or distributed to U.S. physicians by MedSurge Advances, including:

-- Acoustic Wave Therapy(TM), which smoothes the skin by treating the skin's connective tissue;

-- MesoMassage(TM), which targets adipose fat cells to reduce stubborn fat deposits;

-- Vybe(TM), which improves muscle tone and hormonal balance; and

-- Esprit PRO-xp(TM), which removes dead cells from the skin's surface to prepare the skin for penetrative treatments.

How It Works

Each of the components of the Cellulite Solution has been carefully selected to address the different levels of the cellulite problem:


Cellulite starts with the surface of the skin. The Cellulite Solution begins with microdermabrasion, utilizing the Parisian Peel(R) Esprit PRO-xp(TM), to remove the dead, outermost layer of skin through gentle abrasion for a smoother appearance. Microdermabrasion prepares the skin for optimized penetration by MesoMassage's fat-burning ingredients.


In the subcutaneous layer beneath the skin's surface, a mesh-like layer of fibrous connective tissue keeps the fat cells tightly packed and provides structural support for the skin. As women age, this connective tissue tends to lose its firmness, causing fat cells to protrude through the skin as cellulite. Acoustic Wave Therapy(TM) (AWT(TM)) strengthens this connective tissue by delivering pneumatically-generated pulses through the skin's surface, stimulating collagen production to enhance skin firmness and texture.


Cellulite is exacerbated by stubborn fat deposits that cannot be eliminated through diet and exercise. MesoMassage(TM) combines electric and ultrasonic waveforms to open pathways through the skin, enabling the painless delivery of fat-burning ingredients to the thighs, abdomen and buttocks. These ingredients - including phosphatydilcholine and deoxycholate - act as "fat detergents," targeting adipose fat cells by inducing rupture and cell death among adipocytes, eliminating those unsightly bulges.


The skin's connective tissue weakens as a result of reduced blood microcirculation, which starves the tissue and makes it susceptible to cellulite. Physicians have long used acoustic pulses to ease the pain associated with impaired vasculature; with Acoustic Wave Therapy, this technology has been adapted to treat cellulite. According to a 2007 study in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, "Acoustic pulses stimulate microcirculation in fat tissue and improve existing metabolic regulation disorders to reduce the visible signs of cellulite." The fat-burning ingredients of MesoMassage further improve the vascular and lymphatic flow.


Lack of muscle tone also contributes to the appearance of cellulite. The Vybe(TM) utilizes controlled vertical vibrations to stimulate reflexive muscle contractions, building muscle mass with limited physical exertion. This method of training, increasingly popular among professional athletes in the United States and Europe, is known as Whole Body Vibration(TM) (WBV(TM)). WBV with the Vybe enhances the body's muscle tone to improve the skin's appearance.


A key reason that cellulite primarily affects women is the presence of estrogen and progesterone, the female sex hormones. Estrogen helps determine the number and location of fat cells in the body, while progesterone can lead to fluid retention and weight gain. WBV has long been utilized to assist the circulatory system in delivering vital nutrients and hormones throughout the body. WBV with the Vybe restores the body's hormonal balance, limiting the impact of estrogen and progesterone on cellulite development.


MedSurge Advances will market Cellulite Solution technologies and protocols as an integrated offering. Interested physicians are asked to contact Jennifer DeLaughter at 877.804.9460 or by e-mail at

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