16 Cellulite Myths Exposed, Part IV: Cellulite Massage and Creams "Do Not Work"

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Georgios Tzenichristos, a cellulite massage expert with 10 years of experience and anti-cellulite cream formulator, explains why - contrary to popular belief - the right anti-cellulite massage and cream combination is the best way to reduce cellulite.

Despite being very laborious for the therapist, cellulite-specific massage provided by a knowledgeable and skilful therapist is one of the most effective cellulite reduction methods available

In the first three parts of this series, cellulite expert Georgios Tzenichristos exposed fourteen cellulite myths regarding cellulite and cellulite reduction. Georgios concludes this series with a look at anti-cellulite massages and creams and how a combination of the right anti-cellulite massage and cream is the most time- and cost-efficient way to reduce cellulite.

Cellulite Myth #15: Cellulite massage does not work
The truth is that indeed most cellulite massages do not work. This is because 90%+ of massages are not vigorous enough, are not specific to the “cellulite tissues” and are not provided with the required knowledge and skill.

Most massages are specific to the muscles (deep tissue/sports massage), to the lymph vessels (lymph massage) or to the mind (relaxing, so called “therapeutic” massage). In addition, there is wide variability in skill, knowledge and technique between the hundreds of thousands of massage therapists worldwide. Clearly there is no standardisation in massage treatments and there is no specialisation of massage to the cellulite tissues. Furthermore, most massages are simply not strong enough to have any real effect on cellulite - or any other connective tissue for that matter. So it’s not surprise that most women, do not recognise massage as a valid cellulite reduction method, preferring to be treated with machines instead.

In reality, however, if massage is focused on the cellulite tissues and performed skilfully and vigorously, it can offer better results than machine-based treatments at a fraction of the cost of such treatments (typically at 1/3 of the price or less). Women who live in countries with a rich massage tradition (such as Italian, Russian, eastern-European, Spanish, French, Arab and South American women) recognise the benefits of skilful anti-cellulite massage and typically prefer cellulite massages to machine-based treatments, because they have a personal experience of it’s effectiveness.

"Despite being very laborious for the therapist, and initially uncomfortable for the receiver, cellulite-specific massage provided by a knowledgeable and skilful therapist is one of the most effective cellulite reduction methods, and definitely the most efficient one (efficiency being defined as effectiveness per amount of money and time spent)", expert cellulite masseur Georgios Tzenichristos comments.

Cellulite Myth #16: Cellulite creams do not work
Similarly to cellulite massage, cellulite creams also suffer from reputation problems, quite a few of those problem actually being justified, given that most anti-cellulite creams do not contain a high enough amount of active ingredients to confer any real results to the users.

This reality, combined with aggressive marketing based on exaggerated claims of the type “lose 50% of your cellulite in 20 minutes” - which nobody believes - drives all but the most naive women away from purchasing an anti-cellulite cream, lotion or "serum".

Unrealistic claims have another effect on women who suffer from cellulite: it makes them believe that cellulite can be reduced very quickly and without any effort (i.e. without diet and exercise) just by applying a cream. Based on this assumption many women keep on drinking, eating and staying sedentary believing that the cellulite cream will protect them from cellulite.

With this kind of mentality it is no surprise that few women really believe in anti-cellulite creams. The reality, however, is that cellulite creams with a high concentration of several different natural active ingredients do exist and do work, provided lifestyle is accordingly modified too. There are hundreds of lipolytic (fat-releasing) and adipolytic (fat cell-breaking) natural active ingredients known to science, in addition to an equal number of venotonic (vein supporting), anti-inflammatory, circulation-enhancing and collagen-boosting active ingredients that can be used for cellulite reduction.

And there do exist companies that include a high concentration of such ingredients in anti-cellulite formulations (creams, gels, lotions). Such concentrated and comprehensive products enjoy a considerable amount of customer loyalty due to their effectiveness.

“You will not find us aggressively advertising our anti-cellulite creams with exaggerated claims because we believe that true business growth comes from customer satisfaction, not customer manipulation" states Georgios Tzenichristos, a cellulite expert and anti-cellulite cream formulator. "Besides, our product sells for itself, so instead of advertising aggressively we prefer to educate the customer on how to holistically remove cellulite with our creams, diet, exercise and treatments instead”, concludes Georgios.

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