CeNano.net Helps Prepare Homeowners for Warmer Summer Months with these Green Energy Tips

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Solar power is one of the most popular forms of renewable energy. A cleaning product like CeNano’s Nanotol may help make solar panels 20 percent more efficient.


Using CeNano's Nanotol cleaning product to maintain solar panels could make homes more energy efficient.

Using Nanotol is also a way to protect your solar panel investment from deterioration over time.

Research from the University of California, San Diego recently showed that homes using solar panels stay five degrees cooler in the summer than those with direct sun exposure, which was welcome news as warmer summer months quickly approach, said Thomas Uen, CEO for CeNano.net.

Click here to learn how using a cleaning product like CeNano’s Nanotol has been shown to improve solar panel efficiency by as much as 20 percent.

Dirt cannot attach as easily to solar panels treated with Nanotol, which means the surface stays clean longer and produces more energy, Uen said.

“Using Nanotol is also a way to protect your solar panel investment from deterioration over time,” he said.

Nanotol is an easily applied surface coating that protects solar panels from weather, dust and other harmful elements. Not cleaning solar panels may cause reduced energy efficiency and shorten the length of time that panels remain effective. Once Nanotol is applied, there is no need to clean the panels as often. For three years the CeNano product will seal and protect panels.

Uen said that installing solar panels to power a home helps lower electricity bills all year. Solar panels are used to generate heat, electricity and light.

Although installing solar panels requires an investment, it will pay off over time, Uen said.
Solar power is one of the most popular forms of renewable energy being used today as many states, cities and utility companies offer incentives and tax rebates for using alternative forms of energy.

Uen had these tips for people who are trying to protect the environment while staying cool this summer:

  •     If a new air conditioner is needed, choose a model with a seasonal energy effective rating higher than 11 for a central unit. For window units, look for seasonal energy effective ratings higher than nine.
  •     Turn off the air conditioner when leaving the home for more than an hour.
  •     Don’t let cool air escape the house through cracks around the door. Use weather stripping to help keep hot air from coming inside.
  •     Don’t set the thermostat below 78 degrees when ceiling fans are in use. The use of air conditioning increases by 12 percent for each degree lower that the temperature is set.
  •     Ceiling fans use electricity. Save on energy costs by using fans only when rooms are occupied.
  •     Doors should remain closed for any rooms that are not air conditioned.
  •     Shade windows that directly face the sun using light-colored drapes or outdoor awnings.
  •     Check air duct systems for leaks and change filters regularly.

About CeNano.net

CeNano.net uses nanotechnology to produce a universal protective sealant for automobiles, boats, electronics, wood, glass and other materials. CeNano is committed to protecting the environment, and items sealed with the biodegradable product can be cleaned with a cloth and water. Nanotol sealant is safe for humans and repels water, dirt and oil. The product does not contain the harmful silicone, alcohol and organic solvents found in other cleaning supplies. Visit http://www.cenano.net/ to learn more.

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