Xtrema Offers a Clearer Understanding of 'Green Cookware'

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'Green' cookware and bakeware should be healthy to use, environmentally safe to manufacture & composed of materials that are ecologically safe to extract. To date, no universal standards exist to determine whether a company can call its product 'green', and the popular label is being applied to products that are neither healthy to use or safe to make. Ceramcor, the makers of Xtrema Ceramic Cookware, is trying to cut through the greenwash by offering a clearer understanding of what makes cookware 'green'.

Xtrema Ceramic Cookware

Xtrema cookware, on the other hand, is made of the Earth's natural minerals and water; they are glazed with a non-toxic and non-scratch ceramic glaze. When used, the Xtrema products reduce energy consumption by retaining heat longer

Green initiatives are sprouting up everywhere - from the growing popularity of recycling programs and products to the push to combat global warming. 'Going Green' reaches beyond an initiative and a trendy catchphrase in today's world, suggesting devotion to be ecologically sound and environmentally friendly. People are adapting Green habits in their diet too, with many in quest of organic produce and natural alternatives to processed foods. Health food stores and organic markets are all the rage and attest to the high demand of healthy, safe food choices.

Healthy cooking is also on the rise, with many not only reaching for more healthful food options, but also seeking out healthier cooking options. We're aware of biodegradable tableware and can easily find plastic ware constructed of 100% recycled materials. It's the more heavy-duty cooking where the efforts to 'Go Green' are turning heads and making quite a lasting impression in the culinary world.

In the world of cookware, there are vital factors that determine whether or not something is truly Green. Some manufacturers utilize recycled materials in their new, environmentally friendly cookware. Other companies take pride in having a pot or pan mindfully constructed to hold heat better than others and whose energy efficiency aids in reducing one's carbon footprint. It's a known fact that some metals used in cookware can leech heavy metals and harmful toxins into foods during the cooking process; many companies have refined their product to minimize the release of these harmful toxins.

Suggesting you can find one cookware line that can hold true to these standards -- not only being environmentally friendly but also maintaining the highest level of cooking performance -- may seem far-fetched. Nonstick, made-of-recyclables cookware does exist, but can it hold heat? If you ask Rich Bergstrom, the answer is simple: "Absolutely, yes!"

Rich is the founder of New Jersey - based Ceramcor, a cookware company who is not only confident in their green initiative, but also in their customers' satisfaction. With a product line cleverly named 'Xtrema', Ceramcor offers a variety of popular kitchen products, from various size saucepans and skillets to surprisingly chic teaware.

But can the Ceramcor products really live up to their claim?

While Xtrema ceramic cookware resembles the heavy cast-iron cookware of yesteryear, the difference between cooking with Xtrema and their heavy-metal counterpart is 'Extreme'. The product is surprisingly lightweight and completely non-scratch and easy to clean.

The competition's cookware lines offer non-stick and non-scratch surfaces; some coated in enamel and others composed of a mixture of metals. Unfortunately, these coatings can break down with use and time and quickly become harmful and unsafe to use. Early stages of the breakdown process often go undetected, resulting in the leaching of harmful metals and chemicals into the food.

"Xtrema cookware, on the other hand, is made of the Earth's natural minerals and water; they are glazed with a non-toxic and non-scratch ceramic glaze. When used, the Xtrema products reduce energy consumption by retaining heat longer," says Ceramcor Sales Manager, Bob Bergstrom.

Even Ceramcor's manufacturing process is Earth-friendly, being handcrafted by highly skilled artisans, rather than a destructive mining process and energy-intensive manufacturing process. All Ceramcor products are made using clean burning natural gas-fired kilns.

Individuals seeking their own Green initiative would find Ceramcor's products to be accommodating; eco friendly cookware (and even teaware) that enhances the cooking experience, is easy to clean, with scratch-free surfaces, versatile and practical. Most of all, the Xtrema products are made from the Earth and make healthy cooking and easy addition to a healthy, green lifestyle.

Ceramcor makes the global initiative to Go Green a Safe and Easy Choice.


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