Champions for Change Captivated by Romney in Presidential Debate

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The pro-Romney Super PAC 'Champions for Change' tonight applauded Mitt Romney's performance in the Presidential Debate. Mitt Romney's presidential credentials were on display for all to see tonight in Denver during the first of three televised Presidential Debates. According to Champions for Change Romney's bid to be elected as the 45th President of the United States of America was done no harm at all as he gained the upper hand over President Obama at the University of Denver, in Denver, CO. Romney delivered a relaxed, calm and concise performance declaring his intent to cut both unemployment and the national debt. The Scott Tucker founded Super PAC now believes Romney is likely to win even more of those crucial undecided votes in just over a month's time.

Tonight in the first of three Presidential Debates organized by the Commission on Presidential Debates the Republican candidate for the White House, Mitt Romney declared his intent to remedy America's economic woes when he becomes the 45th President of the United States of America. The pro-Romney Super PAC Champions for Change tonight declared that they were astounded with Romney as he not only gained the upper hand on President Obama during the debate but also displayed a fluid, concise, and emphatic vision for his presidency. You can read the entire statement by visiting Champions for Change.

According to the Champions for Change article Mitt Romney's stunning performance in the debate tonight will likely set him on his way to clinching the votes of those crucial undecided voters. Before the debate got under way many political commentators had claimed that Romney's apparent aloofness and lack of empathy for ordinary Americans would be a major issue. What the American electorate saw tonight from Romney was a master class in debating; any preconceived ideas about his ability to deliver on the spot answers to tough questions were firmly laid to rest as he seized on President Obama's failure to remedy America's economic woes.

When tackling the subject of unemployment, a key topic in the presidential campaign, Romney only needed to highlight the link between the slow recovery from the recession and the Obama administration's inability to create private sector job growth. Champions for Change were particularly impressed by the manner in which Romney outlined his plan to deal with the impending fiscal cliff disaster while at the same time reducing individual and corporate taxation levels. There can be no doubt at all that this was not only a definitive moment in the election campaign, but much more crucially a definite vote winner.

When the topic of government arose, Champions for Change fully endorsed Romney's comments that exposed the current administration for what it truly is - bloated, and out of touch with free market enterprise. By highlighting how President Obama has put America on the path to socialism Romney certainly endeared himself to not only the core of the Republican party, but also some of the 23 million unemployed Americans out there.

The Champions for Change article went on to add that they now firmly believes that after the first of three Presidential Debates Mitt Romney has demonstrated a real presidential flair, and given renewed hope that under his leadership the United States of American will regain its undisputed standing as the exceptional country that promotes democracy, liberty, and economic prosperity.

About Champions for Change

Champions for Change (CFC), founded by entrepreneur Scott Tucker, is a Super PAC which is dedicated to promoting the virtues of free market economics and entrepreneurship. We also champion the urgent necessity for a reduced government, reduced federal regulations, and an end to reckless short sighted government spending. Champions for Change advocates cutting corporate taxes at both state and federal level, and removing needless bureaucracy and red tape in order to help private sector business flourish and prosper.

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