CMREI Expands Real Estate Investing Class to Accommodate Spiking Demand

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Cherif Medawar brings on new talent to help fulfill requests for student coaching.

real estate investing class
Commercial real estate is so exciting. … With our new coaching program, everyone has the opportunity to experience my success. Just one deal can change your life.

Whether it’s one of CMREI’s free two-hour real estate investing class workshops, three-day training events, or Inner Circle Retreats, a familiar face is always in the front of the room. Cherif Medawar, founder of CMREI, does all the teaching for the organization.

CMREI also offers personal coaching for students who want one-on-one instruction. For the past two years, Medawar has been the only coach for his organization. However, to accommodate every request for coaching, Medawar is expanding the program.

“So many of my students want the one-on-one support our coaching program provides,” Medawar said. “To accommodate the demand, I’ve been grooming a team of experienced coaches to provide the same level of instruction and encouragement my students are used to.”

Medawar stresses that the “coaching” available from seminar companies has generated a lot of negativity in the marketplace—and deservedly so. But his new coaching program is different from anything else available. “This is not some generic residential curriculum using unqualified coaches. This is a robust commercial coaching program based on my own win/win/win business model. I’ve personally designed the curriculum, set the deliverables, and trained the coaches,” Medawar said.

The program is also highly customizable, as students can pick the commercial property types they want to focus on. “Everyone has different objectives they want to accomplish. And everyone has different desires as far as what type of commercial real estate they want to own,” Medawar said. “It’s a proven investing success model that can be customized to their investing preferences.”

Earlier this year, Medawar developed a truly unique training event where he shared his strategies and techniques for every type of commercial real estate. He called the training event the Commercial Real Estate Roundtable. The 12 property types covered were:

1.    Apartment buildings: duplex, triplex, four-plex and large multi-family
2.    Storage facilities: personal belongings, business, boats, RVs
3.    Hospitality: hotels, motels, resorts, marinas, timeshare
4.    Land development
5.    Eco-friendly commercial real estate
6.    Retail: strip malls, single tenant, shopping malls
7.    Office: executive, medical, government
8.    Senior housing and assisted living facilities
9.    Mobile homes parks and RV facilities
10.    Warehouses and industrial
11.    Parking garages
12.    Gas stations

CMREI’s Roundtable event was the inspiration behind the flexibility of its coaching. Each property type covered in the Roundtable event is also being offered in the new coaching program. Everyone who wants to get into commercial real estate can do so. Knowledge won’t be a problem. Neither, apparently, will lack of financing.

On Sept. 28, 2011, the National Real Estate Investor stated, “Capital, both debt and equity, has become increasingly available for the commercial real estate sector. In the early stages of the industry's recovery, only top-notch properties in the best markets were trading hands. But lenders and investors are showing an increased appetite for risk and underwriting standards have been loosened.”

More so in commercial than residential, investors can move the market in a positive direction by investing. In addition, commercial owners control what their real estate is worth—property value is not at the mercy of the marketplace (as in residential).

But after graduating from a classroom environment, many students lose confidence and motivation. And after finding a deal, most students—even experienced ones—want qualified help when putting a building under a Letter of Intent (LOI) or an option.

This is where a seasoned coach can make all the difference. CMREI’s coaches help prevent students from losing momentum. They also decrease the learning curve and help quell fears associated with being an inexperienced investor.

Speaking of experience level, the program is also personalized according to the student’s familiarity with commercial real estate. No longer are students required to be graduates of CMREI before enrolling in coaching. The program is designed to produce results in both beginner and experienced investors.

“Commercial real estate is so exciting,” said Medawar, who has been purchasing properties since 1991. “Prices are down, great deals are easy to identify, and it offers a huge instant upside. I continue to add to my portfolio. With our new coaching program, everyone has the opportunity to experience my success. Just one deal can change your life.”

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