Chicago Car Accident Lawyer Decries Safety Risk Posed by Frequently Ticketed Cab Drivers

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Patrick A. Salvi of Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C. says cabbies that are still driving after having multiple traffic charges dismissed pose a danger to Chicago motorists and pedestrians.

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Chicago personal injury attorney Patrick A. Salvi

Traffic citations are meant to curb dangerous behavior. Reckless cab drivers create a hazard for innocent pedestrians and other drivers.

Patrick A. Salvi, a leading advocate for Illinois car accident victims, says he is disturbed by a recent Chicago Tribune report indicating that public safety has been compromised by Chicago courts forgiving dangerous driving by taxi drivers.

“We’re concerned about revelations that traffic tickets issued to cab drivers are so easily dismissed by the courts,” said Salvi, a veteran Chicago personal injury attorney and managing equity partner of Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C.

The Chicago personal injury law firm, which features offices in Lake and Cook counties, represents motor vehicle accident victims and pedestrian accident victims throughout Illinois.
“If there is no penalty for reckless driving, it will continue and eventually someone will be injured or killed in a vehicle accident, which is exactly what has happened,” Salvi said. “Traffic citations are meant to curb dangerous behavior. Reckless cab drivers create a hazard for innocent pedestrians and other drivers.”

The Chicago Tribune reported on September 23 that its investigation “suggests that a far higher percentage of tickets are thrown out for cabbies on average than for regular drivers.” Cab drivers who have had tickets dismissed were later blamed for injuring or killing pedestrians, the newspaper said.

City courts were found to have dismissed 75 percent of tickets issued to taxi drivers, including drivers who had been ticketed more than a dozen times. County courts dismissed about 40 percent of citations against cabdrivers, the newspaper said.

The Tribune cited a city report that says cabdrivers were involved in more than 25 percent of car crashes involving pedestrians in downtown Chicago.

“This practice of dismissing tickets needs to end immediately, and all those who are responsible for car wrecks that result in injuries or who otherwise violate traffic regulations must be held accountable as required by the law,” Salvi said.

Salvi said those hurt in car wrecks often have to pursue personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits to recover financial losses due to medical expenses, property loss and loss of time at work caused by injuries or the death of a loved one.

“Cab drivers who have been issued multiple citations are not simply making mistakes; this indicates a disregard for traffic laws and others’ safety,” Salvi said. “Those who have been injured by these drivers deserve compensation for their losses, as well as for their pain and suffering, from the driver and the driver’s employer.”

Salvi, whose firm has won millions of dollars in compensation for motor vehicle accident victims, said Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C. is ready to pursue the cases of those hurt in collisions with Chicago cabdrivers.

“We pledge to hear and investigate every case, and we are ready to stand up for the rights of those who have been unjustly harmed,” he said.

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