6-Years Old, 6th Book Published; Kailee and Elizabeth Hoadley

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6-years old and 6 books published; Kailee's new book entitled "I Know I Can" is aptly named. Kailee’s characters, Little Missy Kabissi and Lizzy B. Fuddled, are back for another adventure. Little Missy sets out to follow her dreams, but is met with nay-sayers who try to discourage her from her goals, fearful that she will fail.

"I Know I Can" on AMAZON.COM

"This wonderful book ... reminds us to be all that we can be and never give up.  It epitomizes the psychologist/teacher's hope for all their clients/students; SELF-ACTUALIZATION." Nancy Ford, MA, MSW, Ed. Spec., LPC, LMSF, LMFT.

In Kailee’s new book,“I Know I Can,” Lizzy B. Fuddled reminds Little Missy about six people who changed the course of history by following their dreams despite impossible odds and discouragement from others: Joan of Arc, Neil Armstrong, The Wright Brothers, Terry Fox, Thomas Edison and Christopher Columbus.

"This wonderful book reaches the child within us all,” says Nancy Ford, MA, MSW, Ed. Spec., LPC, LMSF, LMFT. “It reminds us to be all that we can be and never give up.  It epitomizes the psychologist/teacher's hope for all their clients/students; SELF-ACTUALIZATION."

‘I Know I Can’ was created after Hoadley was recounting the story of ‘The Little Engine that Could’ to Kailee. The words “I think I can, I think I can...” didn’t sit well with Hoadley, an adamant optimist.

“If you dream of something, envision it and focus on bringing it to fruition with all your heart, things usually work out,” says Hoadley. “If we can send a probe to Mars, it seems like most everything else is relatively simple with a bit of time, thought, energy and belief in one’s self. One of the most important things, is to not let others get you down in the process.”

"Thank you for the work you do on behalf of children,” says Kasey Cronin, Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Flushing Community Schools, Michigan, USA. “Your books have such a sense of peace, hope, and healing. I LOVE this new book, 'I Know I Can!' Beautiful words, beautiful illustrations, and most of all, a beautiful message. Kailee's brightly colored illustrations bring hope and happiness to every page."

Kailee’s foray into the world of art began even before she could walk, speak or even had a full set of teeth. Her mother, author and illustrator Elizabeth A. Hoadley and Founder of “The Sunshine Workshop” used to give her art supplies and blank spiral notebooks as a baby and encouraged her to draw as Elizabeth illustrated her own books.

“Kailee took to painting quite naturally,” said Hoadley. “At first she would scribble, but then her scribbles took form and became stick figures, and then those stick figures took even more form and became little characters. Year by year, book by book, we can see her progression as a little artist.”

Kailee can be seen painting illustrations “en plein air” in France: castles, swans and wild peacocks in a video named “I Know I Can” on Elizabeth Hoadley’s YouTube Channel.

As customary for Hoadley books at TheSunshineWorkshop.com, the words are in poem form keeping both child and parent engaged.

Kailee has been illustrating children’s books as long as she can remember: ‘Sweet Snuggles’ at 2, ‘Balloon Wishes’ at 3, ‘Roses and Rainbows’ at 4, ‘The Thanksgiving Coat’ at 5, 'Missy Kabissi and the Palm Beach Treasure Hunt’ and ‘I Know I Can’ at 6.

“I Know I Can” is The Sunshine Workshop’s 14th book. Kailee and Elizabeth Hoadley’s books are available on AMAZON.COM and their websites, elizabethhoadley.com or TheSunshineWorkshop.com and assorted stores throughout the USA and Canada. Bulk discounts are available for schools, charities and stores.

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