In 2012 Fitness Concepts Introduces Programs To Increase Flexibility

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According to Dr. Sam Bakhtiar, flexibility is more than just participating in a yoga session, and Fitness Concepts can help clients attain it with the flexibility enhancement program.

Thus, flexibility, as displayed by water, is a sign of life. Rigidity, its opposite, is an indicator of death. ~ Anthony Lawlor

Flexibility has been sadly overlooked by fitness experts and trainers. In fact, it is a vital part of exercise and training programs as it involves the stimulation of muscles, prevention of injuries, improves the variety of motions, and decreases the stress and soreness of muscles prior to an exercise routine. But with a Chino Hills Personal Trainer, one can be assured of getting the best training program for flexibility.

Fitness Concepts has created its own flexibility enhancement program in order to incorporate, improve, and maintain flexibility into existing customized programs of clients.

Benefits of flexibility

Flexibility has been severely misunderstood for the past few years. The common misconception has been that flexibility is necessary to excel in sports. While this holds a grain of truth, there are also some precautions that have to be made.

For instance, an athlete who is not as flexible does not mean he is not fit to play sports or that he will experience fewer injuries in the process. Recent research showed that flexibility is dependent on the kind of sport that one plays because each has a range of motion, movements, steps, and actions to consider.

How to be more flexible through exercise

Stretching is one of the key factors that affect one’s flexibility. This is the reason why it is important to stretch before and after each exercise routine, which lessens the stress that the muscles and joints will experience during actual training.

To slowly build one’s flexibility, it is advisable to try incorporating these seven types of stretches into the exercise routine: static stretching, ballistic stretching, PNF stretching, dynamic stretching, isonometric stretching, active stretching, and relaxed stretching.

Inquire about the Fitness Concepts flexibility enhancement program with a Chino Hills Personal Trainer to start with flexibility improvement today.

About Fitness Concepts

Fitness Concepts is a personal training company that was founded in February 1999. Since then, it has helped more than 5,000 clients to improve their lives with proper training, nutrition, and supplementation. Instead of unhealthy quick fixes or diet fads that may lead to hazardous effects, Fitness Concepts believes in educating its clients on the importance of the combination of exercise and dieting. More than just establishing the foundation of health and wellness in every client’s life, Fitness Concepts builds their self-confidence and inner strength. Visit the website at for more details.


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