Apcan GSG Launches Redesigned Website to Announce Chlorine Free Pool Maintenance Product Line

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Leading Manufacturer of Chlorine-Free Pool Maintenance Products Launched a Redesigned Website at MyChlorineFreePool.com to Announce the Apcan Hydro Line to Pool Owners and Pool Professionals Concerned about Chlorine Toxicity. The Redesigned Website Offers Updated Information about Chlorine Free Pool Maintenance in a User-Friendly Format.

Clean pool from Apcan GSG Hydro line of Chlorine Free Pool Maintenance products

Chlorine-free pools are now possible with the Apcan Hydro Chlorine Free Pool Maintenance System

For families seeking alternatives to chlorine, the Apcan Hydro line of chlorine-free pool maintenance products is an affordable solution that avoids the health risks and environmental dangers of chlorine exposure.

Apcan Global Supply Group, manufacturer of sustainable, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic alternatives to corrosive and irritating chlorine, unveiled this month an updated and redesigned website available at MyChlorineFreePool.com to help environmentally conscious consumers learn about the benefits of chlorine free pools and make informed decisions about chlorine free pool maintenance.

The redesigned website focuses on improving the visitor experience and introducing detailed, technical information in a visually engaging and easily navigable format. The redesign makes it easy for consumers and purchasers to access trustworthy information about safe pool maintenance, understand the options, and choose the best products suited to their needs. The Apcan Hydro proprietary line of chlorine-free pool maintenance products was developed in order to provide pool owners and professional pool maintenance providers with new options for treating and maintaining swimming pools.

For families seeking alternatives to expensive and irritating chlorine, the Apcan Hydro line of chlorine-free pool maintenance products is an affordable solution that avoids the health risks and environmental dangers of chlorine exposure. Click here to visit the Apcan Hydro product website and learn more about the company’s four chlorine-free products, HydroUV, HydroSyl, HydroSkim, and HydroStrip, which are compatible with all pool systems and are scientifically engineered to treat pool water.

“Our customers enjoy sparkling water that doesn’t irritate eyes or skin,” said Leon Shwetz, Apcan GSG spokesperson. “The research on the dangers of chlorine is clear, so we took inspiration from nature to develop a great way for families to keep their swimming pools beautiful. Standard water treatment for pools has stagnated since chlorine became the norm in the 1950s. Our proprietary technology is thoroughly tested, so our customers enjoy their pools while minimizing their exposure to chlorine.”

Environmentally conscious consumers are now able to enjoy the benefits of a chlorine-free pool maintenance system without chloramines, the chlorine by-product that reduces the effectiveness of traditional systems and produces the unpleasant pool smell.

The updated website details the benefits of the chlorine-free pool maintenance products in the Apcan Hydro line. The line now includes HydroUV, which uses scientifically tested UV-C light in a quartz-tube lamp system and works efficiently alongside HydroSyl, the polarized hydrogen peroxide oxidizer, to maintain water balance. The line also includes HydroSkim, the original fully automatic, energy-efficient, solar-powered robotic pool cleaner that intelligently operates all day and recharges itself to keep pools clean by automatically skimming debris from the surface.

About Apcan Global Supply Group

Apcan Global Supply Group develops proprietary technology to solve many common problems in plaster, vinyl, and fiberglass pools, providing the new choice for pool owners who want a more planet-friendly way to create the most refreshing swimming experience. For more information about the Apcan Hydro line or to experience a chlorine-free pool, visit http://MyChlorineFreePool.com or call 702-260-9000.

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