Many People Fighting the Cold and Saving Money on Heating This Winter by Using Napoleon and Lennox Fireplaces

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A fireplace adds grandeur and value to a home or office, but it also keeps people extremely cozy. Efficient and energy-saving, a fireplace can save money on heating bills, as more people realize. As the weather turns colder, people are buying Napoleon and Lennox fireplaces to stay warm, a ChooseDirect company, sees sales improve every day.

Thanks to EPA tax credits, incredible pricing and the need for affordable heating options, sales of fireplaces are soaring this year as people recognize the benefits a wood burning, gas or electric fireplace can supply – savings on heating bills, improvement to home resale value and efficient and environmentally friendly energy options. Fireplaces add warmth, ambiance and romance to a living area, creating a focal and gathering point for all. reaps the benefits of this trend, selling more Napoleon and Lennox fireplaces every day as the weather grows increasingly colder.
Manufactured fireplaces are often installed in homes to improve their value and resale ability. They are terrific selling points for the reasons mentioned above – everyone enjoys the brilliance a blazing fire produces. Now, such fireplaces are simple to install and are bought as a package – simply place one in a home and it's ready to heat. These manufactured fireplaces are cost-effective and can look as lovely as a traditional masonry fireplace, with its towering chimney, stone or brick construction and, sometimes, a mantel. But manufactured fireplaces are actually safer than masonry ones – during earthquakes, for example, a masonry fireplace is bound to collapse.

According to the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association, people bought 1,882,274 hearth appliances in 2008. The most popular was the gas fireplace, which 54% of people bought. And no wonder – gas fireplaces, available in direct vent, natural or B-vent and vent-free styles, are convenient and economical. One need only supply a gas valve to the fireplace and she is off and running with an efficient option to heating needs. Perhaps the leader in gas fireplaces is Napoleon Fireplaces, which manufactures over 30 options in gas fireplaces. Available in natural gas or propane options, gas fireplaces often come with automatic shut-off valves for safety and work even during power failures thanks to technologically advanced ignition systems. Also, thanks to advancements in gas log sets and ceramic liners, the gas fireplace produces a realistic fire.

The second most popular fireplace is the wood burning fireplace. This type obviously is the most realistic, with real wood being used as fuel. People love the majesty of the flames produced by wood fireplaces and can sit mesmerized by the fire for hours. One of most popular brands of wood burning fireplace is Lennox Fireplaces, which manufacturers more than 35 styles. Some wood burning fireplaces are EPA Phase II certified, meaning they produce a clean burn and thus qualify for the EPA tax credit of up to $1500 when purchased and installed in a primary residence. One Lennox fireplace that offers this tax credit and is highly popular at is the Brentwood, a 36 inch fireplace perfect for most homes.

The final type of fireplace is the electric fireplace, which have many advantages. One, they are virtually plug-and-play. One simply installs the electric fireplace wherever he wants, plugs it into a 120V outlet, and the fireplace is ready to work wonders. Usually heater rated, an electric fireplace can warm up a small area of 500-750 square feet. These have come a long way in producing realistic fires, too. Technological advancements have made them safe and efficient; they require no venting so they can go anywhere.

Fireplaces as heating sources have been around since man first invented fire. They really took off in the 1700s when both Ben Franklin and Count Rumford improved fireplace design. However, the social function of the fireplace cannot be ignored, nor can the beauty and warmth of a roaring fire.

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