Appiteks Will Go A Different Direction In Developing Game Apps

An Illinois-based game app company says it plans to develop apps that are the total opposite of the current industry standard.

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We want to give gamers something they’ve never had before

Edwardsville, IL (PRWEB) August 28, 2012

Developers with Appiteks, a newly formed game app company, announced today that it plans to be the first to develop games differently from the industry standard.

“The games that are being developed now all have the same basic code and platform, which can become very boring to those who play games on a regular basis,” said Chris Luck, ceo of Appiteks. “We’re going to be the first game app company to take a stand and develop games different from everyone else.”

Luck explained that his company’s games will feature unique code that can’t easily be copied or shared and will have special platforms that have not been seen within the industry before.

“We want to give gamers something they’ve never had before and the only way to do that is by creating games with quality and features that have not been seen before,” said Luck. “We have the very best game developers, the brightest minds when it comes to games, and we’ve gone through an enormous amount of testing. Those who have tested our first game expressed pleasure in how different it is from the industry standard, so we’re proud to call the games we release to be the first to go in a different direction.”

Luck stressed that Appiteks plans to take the game app industry by storm and compete toe-to-toe with the most successful companies on the market.

“Those who download our games can expect to have the very best gaming experience possible,” Luck said. “I think it is a shame that many gamers spend their time on games that are subpar or are just knockoffs of other games. Here at Appiteks, we believe in creating unique games that are totally different from everything else out there. Everything associated with the games we release will be different than anything else out there right now, from the code, platform, features, graphics, and everything else in between.”

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