Christian Author Shares Simple Truths to Happiness, Success, and Finding One’s Life Purpose

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“God did not create you to fail,” says Thomas M. Coletta Christian author and speaker in his new book, “Simple Truths.”

"Simple Truths: A Self-help Guide to Help You Find Your Own Success, Peace, and Happiness" helps readers discover God's Plan for their lives

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“God did not create you to fail,” says Thomas M. Coletta Christian author and speaker in his new book, “Simple Truths.” Packed with straightforward advice to help people find happiness, success, and discover their true life purpose, Coletta shines a beacon of light for those who are struggling with self-esteem, their career, unemployment, drug or alcohol abuse, lifestyle or who need help for their relationship.

Simple Truths is a collection of vignettes that explores problems and presents solutions. Based on an unshakable faith in the Word of God, Coletta uses simple language to convey a simple message. However, the result is a book that does what few self-help books truly can: it helps readers assess their own issues and find their own solutions. Although he refers to himself as a simple guy, his message is powerful. Some might even say it is revolutionary.

Formerly an award-winning salesman wrapped up in the material life, Coletta knows firsthand how to disentangle from greed and suffering and build anew on a foundation of true Christian values.

Instead of competing with others for bigger paychecks, shinier cars and designer clothes, Coletta helps people understand that the real prize is in finding their purpose in life. Readers return to the fundamentals of good living through a series of assignments in which they identify why they have trouble coping with their problems and find solutions. Instead of striving for the things commercials tell them they should want, readers pursue their own dreams. In the process, they create genuine happiness and discover the success God meant for them to have.

“We make life so complicated when it’s really very simple,” Coletta says. “If you are created in God’s image then God did not create you to fail.”

His process builds an amazing, fulfilling life from the simplest of truths. “If I was going to correct my life, I had to go back to the basics,” Coletta says. “My priorities became God, Christ and the people around me.”

Coletta used to be a dedicated participant in today’s consumer-driven society. While working for Copy Products, Inc., he was their national top salesman despite being assigned to the company’s smallest office. He replicated this level of success at Toyota and other Fortune 500 companies, even setting a historic sales record at one firm. He was no stranger to high-figure deals or the rewards doled out by his employers.

Yet his personal life suffered. He married three times and admitted to “cutting up quite a bit” when he should have taken things more seriously. In addition to his own mistakes, the world around him was filled with war, materialism, violence, and endless competition. Even Christmas looked like nothing more than a buying spree that sparked fights over shopping mall parking spots.

“I don’t think there are any clothing stores, cars or copiers in heaven,” Coletta says. “I realized I was created to do more than just sell things.”

Thus began his long voyage through libraries of self-help, religious and spiritual books and seminars. But in an avalanche of exercises and a blizzard of pages, not once did he find the simple truths that would lead him to lasting peace and happiness.

At one point, he felt a presence pushing him to the floor. “I was nothing,” Coletta says. “It hurt and I was powerless. I felt like a fly that was about to be swatted. Then this story started coming to me. It said: ‘This is simple, keep it simple’.”

And so he did. He returned to the only baseline that means anything: God and Christ are first. After that, his next priority became caring for himself, his health, and his self-esteem. The moment he centered his life around these basic truths, everything changed. He left the crowded bustle of Memphis, Tennessee, and moved to Mountain Home, Arkansas. In that quiet, peaceful place Simple Truths was born.

“Everyone knows their own problems but it can be embarrassing to talk about them with other people. Simple Truths helps readers evaluate themselves,” he says. By the end of the book, each reader will have discovered who they are, what they are, and what they want. Their answers will help them to create their own sense of self-confidence, happiness and success.

That’s truly as simple as it gets.

Coletta is available for public speaking engagements based on “Simple Truths”. He also provides specialized sales seminars for corporate venues. A workbook of motivational exercises entitled, “M.E.,” is available for distribution at any of his events. Special arrangements can also be made to use copies of his book for fundraising. To learn more about “Simple Truths”, or to contact Tommy Coletta, please visit his website.

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