Cigar Advisor Publishes Two Car Care Instructional Articles

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Cigar Advisor Magazine is a digital publication dedicated to providing cigar enthusiasts with informative and entertaining content, on both topics relating to premium cigars as well as other lifestyle topics. The magazine recently added two new articles, both related to car care and maintenance.

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The rewards of doing this reasonably simple job yourself include convenience, getting your hands dirty, and the satisfaction of knowing that the job was done right.

The all-new Cigar Advisor is an online cigar magazine that brings a fresh, irreverent, and down-to-earth perspective on all things cigars to thousands of smokers. In addition to educational cigar content and behind-the-scenes cigar industry articles from some of the business’s top names, Cigar Advisor delivers an array of content about a variety of topics of interest to people who enjoy the cigar lifestyle. The magazine also features cigar reviews and ratings submitted by real smokers. Cigar Advisor has just published two new lifestyle guides relating to car care.

Cigar Advisor Executive Editor Lou Tenney covers the basics of changing your own motor oil. While it's true that you won't get far without fuel, he writes, oil is truly the lubricating lifeblood of the modern combustion engine. Filling an empty tank might cost you $50 or $60, but replacing an engine that has suffered thermal or viscosity breakdown costs thousands of dollars.

As the engine runs, oil begins to break down at a molecular level, while the oil filter becomes clogged with impurities. When it's time to change your oil, many opt to visit their local lube shop and let the pros handle it. But the rewards of doing this reasonably simple job yourself include convenience, getting your hands dirty, and the satisfaction of knowing that the job was done right.

Lou discusses the materials needed, how to properly lift the car, and the specifics of draining the oil pan, removing and replacing the oil filter, filling the motor back up with oil, and recycling your old motor oil. Of course, this job wouldn't be complete without that last, most vital step: having a nice cigar to congratulate yourself on a job well done!

Gary Korb, also a Cigar Advisor Executive Editor, contributes advice on how to adjust your rear and side-view mirrors. “The typical way to do this has always been adjusting them so you have a clear view of the rear corners of your car,” he notes. “The problem is you have blind spots that can be trouble on the highway when cars try to pass you.”

Because the rear corners of your car are always in the same position - they never move, after all - when you try changing lanes, you can't see what's in the blind spot. To which he remarks, “You may be exchanging insurance cards with someone sooner than later; or worse, you could be staring into the ‘jaws of life.’” Gary details a solution that will make passing or being passed a lot safer - widening your side-view mirrors' field of vision.

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