Sharon Christopherson, Cincinnati Audiologist, Announces the Introduction of a New Tinnitus Treatment Device

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Tinnitus, commonly known as “ringing in the ears,” affects up to 50 million people. For those suffering from this sometimes debilitating disorder, successful treatment can seem difficult. Sharon Christopherson, recognized audiologist and certified Tinnitus Practitioner, announced this week a new and affordable tinnitus treatment device called a Tinnitus Sound Generator.

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Sharon Christopherson, audiologist, expands her services to focus on tinnitus.

Tinnitus-solution instruments should be used in conjunction with a comprehensive tinnitus therapy program," said Sharon Christopherson.

Bringing relief to those who suffer from tinnitus is a mission taken on by well-known Cincinnati audiologist Sharon Christopherson. She sees patients who suffer from “ringing in the ears” on a regular basis in her Cincinnati office of Christopherson & Clark. As a certified Tinnitus Practitioner, Christopherson is constantly on the lookout for products or techniques that will benefit her patients. She announced today a breakthrough new product. The Tinnitus Sound Generator, or TSG, will be available from Resound in their Alera hearing instruments at all price points and technology levels.
“Tinnitus-solution instruments should be used in conjunction with a comprehensive tinnitus therapy program. There is generally not an easy fix for tinnitus. It takes commitment and hard
work on the part of those who suffer from it,” Christopherson said.
One of the exciting things about this new device is that it combines a hearing aid with the technology of a Sound Generator, making it a dual-purpose instrument. About 85 percent of those who are affected by tinnitus also suffer measurable hearing loss. Sometimes correcting the hearing loss also helps to alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus. However, tinnitus can be so severe that it also requires counseling from a trained professional. The object is to see a tinnitus specialist and establish the possible causes and severity of tinnitus in each individual case.
There are a number of causes of tinnitus both medical and non-medical, ranging from Meniere’s disease and diabetes to noise exposure and head trauma. Doctors know the brain plays a large part in how people react to tinnitus and thus, its severity. Although it is a phantom sound, those who suffer from it will tell you it is quite real and may interfere with their everyday functions. It is not uncommon for tinnitus sufferers to hear the following frustrating advice about their problem: “Learn to live with it.”
As an audiologist who specializes in tinnitus treatment, Christopherson realizes there is a tinnitus cycle that occurs in many people. It begins with the appearance of the ringing or noise, then an increased awareness of it, a negative reaction to it, more awareness of the noise, then chronic tinnitus and finally the seeking of treatment. The cycle can progress at many different speeds depending on the person who is dealing with this condition.
“Tinnitus sufferers need to find trained professionals who can help them on their quest for relief from this condition,” Christopherson said. “They often feel alone and isolated, but everyone needs to know that they are not alone on this journey. We can help them and see successful results daily.” After a detailed evaluation and a comprehensive battery of hearing tests, she will be able to categorize the severity of tinnitus and suggest a plan for treatment, which may include the new TSG product.
After working as a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and in Cincinnati-area ENT and audiological practices, Christopherson began her own private practice in 2004. She has specialized in aiding people to hear better through the use of a variety of specialized hearing devices for more than thirty years. She knows there are many misconceptions surrounding hearing loss. Many people believe it only affects older people, while in actuality about 65 percent of people with hearing loss are under retirement age. And with our noisy world, she is seeing more and more young people with hearing loss.
Christopherson and Clark Hearing Center is dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by hearing impairments of any kind. Tinnitus is just one of the many conditions that can be treated. For more information on tinnitus, visit their Web site at Christopherson & Clark is conveniently located at 6570 Glenway Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45211.
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