The Cleveland Kidnappings, Dark Psychology & Malignant Sociopathy

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iPredator Inc. founder, Michael Nuccitelli Psy.D., C.F.C., will be guest on The Nancy Ferrari Show discussing the dynamics of the Cleveland Kidnappings, Dark Psychology & Malignant Sociopathy. On Monday May 13, 2013 from 12-12:50pm EST 9-9:50am PST, Dr. Nuccitelli will present the forensic and criminological aspects of this traumatic national event.

A sub-tenet of Dark Psychology, Malignant Sociopathy is defined as a rare and extreme form of classic sociopathy.

On May 6, 2013, the Cleveland Kidnappings became part of the American lexicon when three young women were rescued after being held captive for over a decade. The brave women are now reunited with their families and various law enforcement authorities attempt to piece back together the puzzle of depravity. On Monday May 13, 2013 from 12-12:50pm EST 9-9:50am PST, iPredator Inc. founder, Dr. Michael Nuccitelli will present the forensic and Dark Psychology aspects of this traumatic national event on The Nancy Ferrari Show available online at

Cleveland Kidnapping Suspect Ariel Castro Hid a Dark Side, His Uncle Says: ABC News: May 7, 2013

As a NYS licensed psychologist and certified forensic consultant, Dr. Nuccitelli is the author of the Information Age Forensics construct, iPredator & theoretical criminology construct, Dark Psychology. With host, Nancy Ferrari, Dr. Nuccitelli will educate listeners on the profile and motivations of the alleged kidnapper, the traits of sociopaths and a sub tenet of his criminological construct he has termed the Malignant Sociopathy. A list of sociopath traits and definitions of Dark Psychology and Malignant Sociopath are as follows:

Dark Psychology: A construct exploring the human condition, Dark Psychology is the study of the human condition as it relates to the psychological nature of people to prey upon others. All of humanity has this potential to victimize other humans & living creatures. While many restrain or sublimate this tendency, some act upon these impulses.

Dark Psychology seeks to understand those thoughts, feelings and perceptions that lead to human predatory behavior. Dark Psychology assumes that this production is purposive and has some rational, goal-oriented motivation 99% of the time. The remaining 1%, under Dark Psychology, is the brutal victimization of others without purposive intent or reasonably defined by evolutionary science or religious dogma.

Sociopathic Hallmarks
1. Lack of remorse, shame or guilt
2. Severe narcissism and grandiosity
3. Does not recognize the rights of others
4. Views people as targets, opportunities & objects
5. Pathological liar and often talented at deception
6. Capacity for criminal or entrepreneurial versatility
7. Adept at being manipulative and conning

Treatment/Fantasies Toward Victims
1. Fantasizes or attempts to enslave their victim(s)
2. Fantasizes, attempts or succeeds at exercising control over every aspect of the victim's life
3. Highly dependent upon their victim's affirmations (respect, gratitude and love)
4. Fantasizes and attempts to create a willing victim
5. Alternates between rage/abuse and small expressions of love/approval
6. Creates addictive cycles between themselves and the targeted victim
7. Fantasizes about, attempts or succeeds at creating a sense of hopelessness in the victim

How the Sociopath Lives a Double Life
1. Capacity to exhibit superficial charm
2. When in public, presents with a conventional appearance
3. Depending on situation, change their image as needed to avoid prosecution
4. Depending on social environment, change the specifics of their life
5. Consistently secretive & tend to be mildly paranoid
6. Excellent actors and blend in with their environment
7. Pathological liars and masters at practicing deception

Malignant Sociopathy: A sub-tenet of Dark Psychology, Malignant Sociopathy is defined as a rare and extreme form of classic sociopathy, does not suffer from an acute psychiatric mental illness, is predominantly driven by the need for absolute power and control and views the enslavement of their victim(s) as a priori as opposed to taking their life, engaging in sexual and/or violent victimization, stealing their valuables or causing them psychological distress.

The current accepted definition of sociopathy is a personality disordered person that exhibits patterned behavior similar Antisocial Personality Disorder, often criminal or deviant, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience, lacks the ability to establish meaningful personal relationships, extremely egocentric and narcissistic and frequently engages in fantasizing about wanting to victimize, torture and enslave a targeted victim(s). Malignant Sociopathy is the severe form of the classic sociopathy with minor, but significant variations.

About iPredator Inc.

iPredator Inc. is a New York State based Information Age forensics company founded to provide educational and advisory products & services to consumers and organizations on cyberbullying, cyber harassment, cyberstalking, cybercrime, internet defamation, cyber terrorism, online sexual predation and the new field the founder is pioneering termed, Information Age Forensics. Created by a NYS licensed psychologist and certified forensic consultant, Michael Nuccitelli Psy.D., C.F.C., their goal is to reduce victimization, theft, harm and disparagement from online assailants.

Michael Nuccitelli Psy.D., C.F.C.
NYS Licensed Psychologist
C.E.O. iPredator Inc.

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