New Article: How the Cloud Saves Money and Builds Business in 5 Key Ways

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A new article from eMazzanti Technologies spells out five ways cloud computing can benefit small and medium size businesses

Once you get specific, companies can, in most instances, save money and build their businesses at the same time

Cloud computing is not pie in the sky. It offers tangible benefits that real-world businesses need to meet the demands—and take advantage of the opportunities—of today’s instrumented, interconnected and intelligent world. As the world grows smarter, cloud computing offers a variety of ways for small and midsize organizations to work more efficiently and more productively—simultaneously saving money and enhancing business and IT operations. A new article from eMazzanti Technologies, an IT support and computer consultant serving the Hoboken, NJ and New York City markets, is available free at:

“It’s important to bring cloud computing down to earth with specific solutions for small and medium business,” said Jennifer Mazzanti, president, eMazzanti Technologies. “Once you get specific, companies can, in most instances, save money and build their businesses at the same time.”

The article entitled: “Look to the cloud to save money and build business” goes on to explore several ways cloud computing can deliver these benefits:

  •     Use the cloud to focus on core strengths
  •     Reduce labor costs
  •     Faster time to value
  •     Pay-as-you-go model
  •     Simplified capital expenses
  •     Lower real estate and energy costs

Use the cloud to focus on core strengths
Lower cost is a benefit that comes up frequently in discussions of cloud computing. That’s because there are inherent efficiencies in the cloud model, which builds on virtualization techniques to pool resources, dynamically provision applications and deliver services to users over high-speed connections. A cloud can be private, in which a company operates its own environment. It can be public, in which a company buys services from a provider who operates the cloud. Or it can be a hybrid, with some services provides in-house and some purchased through a provider.

Reduced labor costs
When a company uses a public cloud, IT functions move to a provider. With a private cloud, the IT functions that remain in-house increase their efficiency—because management is more efficient in a virtualized environment. “In terms of labor costs,” says Ric Telford, vice president of cloud services at IBM. “The main focus is on automating services so that many of the tasks that people performed are now done in the cloud or done by a machine. So as you standardize and automate, the more people you can free up to do other things.”

Faster time to value
Instead of the weeks or months that purchasing and installation typically require, equipment in the cloud can be ready within hours. Notes Telford, “Rapid provisioning and also being able to be highly elastic—to have lots of processing power for a short period of time—are two ways that you get time to value.”

All of the benefits of cloud computing are discussed in detail in the complete article which can be viewed or downloaded at:

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