SafeDesk's Cloud Computing "ManagedPC" Gaining Interest Among Broadband Providers

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SafeDesk's cloud computing platform offers broadband service providers a clear path to increased revenues per subscriber line and increased access line retention.

"Our product effectively addresses the two main business issues we hear in our discussions with the service providers. "How do we grow revenue and reduce customer churn rates?"

SafeDesk Solutions' initial release of their cloud computing platform, the ManagedPC, is gathering attention and a growing acceptance from local telephone companies and broadband service providers who see the product as a way to add value to and strengthen their customer relationships.

Phil Autrey, CEO of SafeDesk SafeDesk says, "Our product effectively addresses the two main business issues we hear in our discussions with the service providers. How do we grow revenue and reduce churn rates?"

Broadband providers offer the ManagedPC to their customers in a "service bundle" that includes the end-user equipment (netbook, laptop), the ManagedPC service and a broadband product, typically a DSL service. Terry Sticka, SafeDesk's Bus Dev Director, says, "offering the product as a low-cost, multi-year service bundle gives the service providers an effective tool to retain existing broadband subscribers and attract new broadband subscribers. We're also seeing the use of introductory pricing packages as a 'win-back' strategy for subscribers they've lost to other providers."

Service providers have the choice to deploy the ManagedPC service as either a fully hosted service using SafeDesk's cloud computing resources or deployed using the service providers existing infrastructure. The hosted approach eliminates capital expense for the service provider to purchase the equipment to bring the product into their marketplace and is the predominant choice to introduce the product to the marketplace. SafeDesk works with the service providers to customize the user interface and brand the look and feel of the product by adding local logos, website links and advertising.

But it's more than just price that attracts both service providers and their subscribers to the ManagedPC.
Autrey states the company's vision; "We believe the current models for deploying and leveraging the power of the internet are fundamentally broken, ultimately proving to be costly and confusing to the majority of users who only want it to be simple to use and want it to work all the time. Most internet users don't want, and frankly, don't need a PC that's expensive, complicated and subjects them to constant updates for virus protection and operating system patches" said Autrey. "They really only want to logon to check their personal email, check the weather, surf the web, and logoff. They want it be simple, safe and at a reasonably low cost."

Included with the ManagedPC is a fully-equipped productivity platform that includes an Office Suite, Photo Editing Software, a VOIP softphone, and thousands of unique applications. The product will provide a fully functional PC experience regardless of connectivity type or connection status to continue working on local applications through loss of network connection.


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