When Push Comes To Shove, Are The Gladiators Ready For Love?

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Gladiators' first 'love couple' get into shape with CNP Professional supplements and bars.

Gladiators training

The competition in training is ridiculous

The new series of Gladiators is set to hit our screens in January 2009 and the hype and excitement are reaching fever pitch as Sky unveils all the new Gladiators.

For Jenny Pacey - aka Enigma - there's an added twist to the competition as her partner Wayne Gordon is Gladiator Doom and they both are out to prove that love conquers all. Jenny and Wayne are the Gladiators' first 'love couple'.

Their acting experience will come in handy for the Show but there is more to the Gladiators than posing and creating memorable personas. All Gladiators are serious athletes, already specialists in their chosen sports from International Athletics to wrestling to bob-sleighing, and once selected they go through an intensive six week training programme.

During training a typical Gladiator day starts at 9am with practicing for events like Hang Tough, Powerball, Duel, Rocketball and Gauntlet before a physio session at about 4pm, and it doesn't stop there; there are acting sessions and character development coaching well into the evening.

"The competition in training is ridiculous," says Wayne. "We're all athletes and everyone wants to be the best, we are all out to win."

Outside the official Gladiators' training programme Jenny and Wayne work-out together to keep up their fitness, engaging in activities such as weights, track, wall-climbing and horse-riding. One of their favourites is the 'car push'. They take it in turns to push each other in Jenny's open top sports car for 30 metres or so. And of course it's against the clock - the competition never stops.

"Pushing a car is a fantastic way to build up leg strength," says Jenny. "But the best bit is when I sit in the driver's seat and steer and look back at Wayne puffing away!"

And what keeps them going through the grueling training period besides love? Jenny and Wayne realized early on that they were going to need good quality sports nutrition supplements to keep their bodies in tip top condition. For advice they contacted CNP Professional, a company set up by athletes for athletes. Kerry Kayes, founder of CNP, put together a package of CNP Products especially tailored for the gruelling demands of being a successful Gladiator.

One of Jenny's favourites is CNP's Pro-Creatine E2. Creatine ethyl ester is an innovative creatine format designed to reduce bloating and water retention, one of the problems associated with regular creatine. Creatine raises ATP (adenosine triphosphate) levels in the muscles, helping to increase their size, strength and power.

"I just love the Pro-Creatine E2," says Jenny. "It really doesn't bloat or cause water retention. I tried one brand that caused me to pee every half an hour - and that would be pretty embarrassing during the Gladiator events. It's improved my strength to weight ratio. I now weigh 66kg - my lightest ever - but I'm stronger than ever before.

"The strain on the body of all this repetitive training is immense," explains Wayne. "A lot of the Gladiators have been suffering with tendonitis caused from practicing events such as Hang Tough which puts an enormous strain on the wrists. This has a knock-on effect for other events that require gripping and for weight training. I've found that CNP's Pro Recover has really helped me get over this."

For Jenny, being a Gladiator is "the perfect job". As a child she constructed the Pyramid out of settee cushions. Now she's doing it for real and wants to be up among the Gladiator greats.

"It really is a dream come true," she says. "I'm so lucky, Gladiators is such a big platform. I'm determined to succeed and make a few Contenders bite the dust!"

CNP products used by Enigma and Doom:

  •     Pro BCAA - BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) are believed to enhance exercise endurance and performance, through a reduction in central fatigue.
  •     Pro Bar XS - a delicious and soft-textured, chewy, crisp high protein food bar that is low in simple sugars.
  •     Pro Peptide - is an advanced blend of bioactive fast and slow proteins to build muscle tissue.
  •     Pro Recover - a post-workout drink that aids muscle repair and growth and helps limit muscle damage caused by intense exercise.
  •     Tribulus - made from high quality tribulus terrestris shoot extracts.
  •     Pro-Creatine E2 - used to increase muscle size and strength.
  •     Pro-Vital - a high strength multivitamin, mineral and antioxidant formula keeps the body healthy.
  •     Pro-Napalm - a pre-workout, isotonic drink containing Guarana, caffeine and electrolytes. The perfect pre-workout drink providing a boost in energy and increased focus.
  •     Pro-Slam - a ready to drink protein supplement with beta-alanine for improved endurance.
  •     Pro-Flapjack - high protein flapjack bars for a tasty energy boost.

Enigma - Jenny Pacey                    
Age: 25
Height: 5ft 11"                        
Weight: 66kg
Fav event: Pursuit, Pyramid                

Doom - Wayne Gordon
Age: 38
Height: 6ft 3"
Weight: 100kg
Fav event: Earthquake, Pursuit

CNP Professional is one of the UK's leading sports nutrition specialist companies. For more information visit http://www.cnpprofessional.co.uk or call +44 (0) 161 320 1212 for sports nutrition advice and +44 (0) 161 320 8145 for sales.

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Notes for editors
CNP Professional is a leading supplier of sports nutrition supplements ranging from protein shakes, protein bars, creatine supplements, meal replacements, mass gainers, weight loss supplements and post work out shakes all designed for the ultimate in sports nutrition.

Kerry Kayes, the founder of CNP Professional is a former national bodybuilding champion. He has been involved in sports nutrition for many years and his dietary expertise has established him as 'the man in the know' to sportspeople worldwide ranging from the Ericsson Round the World Yacht Team, boxer Ricky Hatton, darts champion Phil 'The Power' Taylor, Sean Long of St Helen's RLFC and David Dunn of Blackburn Rovers.

CNP Professional supplements are carefully formulated to ensure that the body is able to make best use of the nutrients. Unlike many nutritional supplements, CNP Professional's products are easy to eat and drink.

There are several articles explaining protein nutrition supplements on the CNP website - go to the home page and click on 'nutrition' under the articles section.


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