Lens Tech celebrates its 28th anniversary

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Lens Technology International celebrates it’s 28th anniversary. The company is vibrating with a full range of proprietary UV curable and thermal curable coatings for application to a variety of substrates including plastics, glass, and metal.

All techs, hard at work

Lens Technology International (LTI) first opened its doors in 1985 and now is a leader in the development and manufacture of high performance, scratch resistant coatings for a variety of applications. Since its opening, LTI has received 4 Awards of Excellence from the Optical Laboratories Association for best in class coating equipment.

From the time of opening, Lens Tech has developed a full range of proprietary UV curable and thermal curable coatings for application to a variety of substrates including plastics, glass, and metal. For more information, please click here.

Through the years Lens Tech has become a leader in the industry in regards to lens coating for eye glasses. After determination and work, to an outsider now, coating has become a seamless task for Lens Tech. The Metal Coatings is a ground metal suspended in a non-toxic water based acrylic binder. Lens Tech coatings may be applied to both metal and non-metal surfaces such as glass, wood, ceramics, concrete, foam, and resin. The primer is very durable and offers excellent adhesion to properly prepared metal surfaces. Its resistance to mild industrial fumes and light chemical conditions make it particularly suitable for aging industrial roofs in need of restoration. The oxygen in Earth's atmosphere is common to most forms of life. Especially when it comes to the machines used, however, oxygen plays a more undesirable role. In the presence of water, oxygen can combine with metals to create rust. Coating metal helps protect it against corrosion and extend its lifespan more accurately. For more information on this, please click on Industrial Coatings

Metal coating is necessary to provide various degrees of protection, ranging from hot-dipped and electroplated process to tough polymers and flame-sprayed ceramics. In general, corrosive environments contain more than one active material, and the coating must resist penetration by a combination of oxidizers, solvents, or both.

Traditional metal finishing technology is based on epoxy or urethane based thermal cure coatings. This technology includes a large space and high energy requirements, limited durability, and large amounts of hazardous VOCs (volatile organic compounds). LTI’s alternative UV Cure technology utilizes 100% solids coatings with no VOCs, reduced footprint, reduced energy consumption, and faster cycle time. Offering a cost effective and time efficient solution by working with them to coat metals reducing their overall costs and increasing the life, quality, and value of their products. Coating can be added to any metal finish. This is an ideal solution for those in the automotive and aerospace industries. For more information on this, please go to: Coatings for Metal

LTI is an energy efficiency company, where heating is being controlled with a modest amount of cooling or climates where both heating and cooling are required. These types of coatings reduce heat loss and allows reduced amount of solar gain making them suitable for climates with both heating and cooling concerns. Lens Tech manufacture transparent / translucent colored coatings for decorative glass and plastic applications. These coatings are water based UV curable systems, eliminating the health and safety concerns and environmental concerns associated with volatile organic compounds / hazardous air pollutants (VOCs / HAPs) inherent in solvent systems. In addition, UV technology offers faster processing times and space and energy savings compared to thermal cure technologies. Adding a transparent/translucent color coating can add beauty and luster to glass products including mugs and awards. Colored coatings are the most commonly selected way to reflect the color of a company logo and provides an optimal background for etching or engraving. For more information, please go to: Coatings for Glass

Plastic coatings are a large and growing market which includes; automotive interior and exterior, resilient flooring and stamping foils, plastic signs and sheeting, office equipment. Plastics are coated to provide specific appearance and suitable for certain products. The main challenge to coat plastic substrate is to choose the right resin in order to obtain the perfect adhesion to the substrate. LTI offers a complete line of clear coatings for use on ophthalmic lenses and other optical applications. The company offers tint-able and non tint-able coatings for a variety of plastic substrates (polycarbonate, cast resins, acrylic, Trivex). LTI's coatings can impart a variety of properties to plastic surfaces including scratch resistant, glare reduction, and anti-fogging. Scratch resistant coatings can protect a variety of lenses. For more information on this, please go to: Coatings for Plastic

In summary Lens Technology International has been in the business for almost 3 decades. LTI is a world leader in ophthalmic hard coatings with a major market share of the optical laboratory market. With its award winning technology and determination to excellence, Lens Tech is sure to serve its industry for many years to come. Please visit the website at: http://www.lenstech.com/substrates/coatings-for-plastics/

John Quinn, President
Lens Technology International
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