Cocoa Butter Available in Small Sizes for Wholesale

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Cocoa Family introduces one pound bars for wholesalers and distributors

cocoa butter from Cocoa Family

cocoa butter

One pound cocoa butter bars provide convenience and savings to distributors and manufacturers.

Cocoa Family, a cocoa grower and processor, introduces new one pound cocoa butter bars for wholesale and bulk purchases. The new size bar brings convenience, efficiency and savings to the manufacturers and distributors.

This product is geared for wholesale clients who have been using big cocoa butter blocks for many years, such as 55 lbs. The main benefit for manufacturers of having one pound bars comes in not having to break the big 55 pound blocks into smaller pieces for their processing machines, which avoids a messy operation and saves time.

Distributors like the small bars for the same reasons. They love the idea of conveniently ready-made small bars for resale. They save money by eliminating a need to break big blocks into smaller sizes. It is a much cleaner option. All cocoa products, including cocoa butter, from Cocoa Family are organic, kosher and Passover certified.

The new size cocoa butter comes just in time when cacao products are getting more and more popular for their health benefits. A lot has been said about how consuming cocoa improves the body’s immune system, decreases bad LDL cholesterols, enhances good cholesterols, and stabilizes blood pressure as well as the sugar levels in the blood. However, many people are not aware of how cocoa butter can be beneficial when applied externally. The same properties of antioxidants in cocoa butter can help improve the condition of the skin. For one, it lubricates the skin in order to keep it well moisturized. Secondly, cocoa butter is known to help the skin diminish scars even when it is already present for a time. In fact, it is one of the most well known products used in folk medicine because it is effective and free from any harmful chemicals. The added reward is that cocoa butter smells good on the skin, and it does not cost as much as the other cosmetics that are sold behind the counter.

Cocoa in the Skin
Cocoa beans are processed in a miller under controlled temperature. When it comes out, it is fine enough and becomes cocoa liquor. Cocoa liquor is a combination of cocoa butter and cocoa solids and thus, fat is separated from the solids. The extracted fat and oil is what makes up cocoa butter, while the remains, which are again, processed results to cocoa powder. In order for the skin to acquire the benefits of anything that is applied to it externally, it should be able to absorb the substance without being broken in the process. Because it is made from natural fats and oils, it can easily penetrate into the upper and mid layers of the skin. There are different vitamins and minerals that are found in cocoa butter and these are known to do the skin good. Cocoa butter contains antioxidants, which eliminates the toxins in the skin thereby repairing any damaged tissues and cells in the skin. Aside from making the skin appear supple, the antioxidants in the skin also prevent the person from developing skin cancer. It is the antioxidant properties of cocoa butter that also makes it easy to store and preserve even without being mixed with chemicals. Cocoa butter also has vitamin E, which is an essential component for cell renewal and repair. Vitamin E also helps the skin during its recovery from sunburn and irritation. The fats and oils in cocoa butter work as great emollient, which soften and moisturize the skin. The moisturizing effects of cocoa butter improve the condition of dry skin and it is even a good remedy for the treatment of psoriasis and eczema. In combination with its repair and renewal effects, one can expect a healthy and glowing skin especially when applied twice a day. It is not recommended to apply the butter on the skin and go out on a sun.

To find more about cocoa butter, please visit or call 626-544-0200.

About Cocoa Family
Cocoa Family has been in the organic cocoa bean farming and growing business for decades, providing raw products for U.S., European and Middle Eastern Markets. Cocoa Family Farms produce both the Sanchez and the famous Hispaniola beans.

By early 2007 The Family decided to focus more on reaching customers directly instead of going exporters and distributors. The company opened offices in the United States in late 2008. This has allowed the company to concentrate on consistent quality, timely delivery of products and pass the savings to clients.

In the spring of 2008 the company made its final decision to shift the focus directly to the chocolate producer and the cocoa beans processor to avoid exporting to the middle man. This has allowed the company to concentrate on consistent quality, timely delivery of products and pass the savings to clients.

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