Base your coffee business marketing on What Coffee Drinkers Say, not on the passive findings of traditional market research results.

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Announcing a new and actionable research report for coffee business marketers, with particular focus on the marketing of single-serve coffee makers, traditional brewing systems and gourmet coffees. The findings are based on what coffee drinkers actually say, and including marketing analysis and recommendations.

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What Coffee Drinkers Say

When you look at what coffee drinkers actually say, you are getting rich insights without all the baggage that comes with traditional research methods.

Traditional industry reports typically comprise numerous charts, table and statistics. These may provide 20/20 vision regarding what has happened in the past, but rarely give any reliable insight into the future. As investment advisors like to say, “Past success is not a reliable indicator of future performance.”

Reports based on interviews with industry experts can be informative, interesting and even entertaining. But how helpful are they? A typical report includes commentary from numerous coffee industry experts, many of whom disagree with one another. You get plenty of mixed opinions, and no real direction regarding the best way forward.

Regarding focus groups, in a recent study based on focus groups, one of the findings was: “Virtually everyone seemed to view great coffee (at least to some extent) as an appealing gateway into an enhanced experience.” Opinions from the fringe, like this one, are rarely useful or actionable.

What Coffee Drinkers Say is new research report for companies which market coffee makers and gourmet coffees.

This report takes a different approach to understanding the preferences and buying intentions of coffee drinkers, without the use of industry statistics, expert opinions, or fringe quotes from focus groups.

Instead, it is based on what coffee drinkers actually say within social settings online. These people are not trying to please a researcher, or impress other participants in a group research setting. They are simply sharing their experiences, concerns and preferences.

According to the author of the report, Nick Usborne, “When you look at what coffee drinkers actually say, you are getting rich insights without all the baggage that comes with traditional research methods.”

Reading a traditional report leaves you with plenty of information, but few answers. It is similar to hiring consultants who tell you what needs to be done, but don’t say how, or stick around to help you do it.

This report is different because the author has not only been following what coffee drinkers say online almost every day for the last 6 years, but also has over 30 years’ experience as a marketer and copywriter.

As a result, this report take a look at what coffee drinkers say through the eyes of a marketer. It draws conclusions and offers advice to marketers of coffee makers and gourmet coffees, including roasters.

This is an unconventional report, based on the natural conversations of real coffee drinkers, and interlaced with marketing analysis and recommendations.

You can learn more about this report here.

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